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Episode #3: Darth Nessel, Michigan Attorney General

Michigan has an Attorney General activism problem. In this episode, the Mighty Humanzee is joined by Orange for a lively discussion of Dana “Darth Nessel”, vassal to Gov Whitmer and the progressive agenda that is destroying our beloved state. Darth Nessel’s lawsuits have destroyed companies, caused the Midland flood by inappropriately requiring raised reservoir levels, and has used her position to attack anyone who counters Whitmer’s activities. Buckle up, it’s a wild ride when Orange is on deck.

Show Notes / Links
Nessel Endorsement

23 AGs signed petition to FDA

Speaker of Michigan House Mike Shirkey Investigation

Line 5

Midland Flood

Sanctions against attorneys discussing election fraud

Holland Pizzeria Shut Down, Owner jailed 90 days

Tree lady

Passed Out at Football game

Statements On Christmas

Line 5

Dana Nessel and Enbridge argue Line 5 pipeline shutdown to Michigan judge | Bridge Michigan

Sheriff Dar Leaf

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