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Who is to Blame?

The W.H.O places Red Tape on some children’s cough syrup over questionable ingredients but who is to blame for it?

By Orange

The World Health Organization issued a Red Alert about a series of Childrens Cough Syrup within the First week of October. Many people more than likely overlooked this and well let’s be honest- Donald Trump made it pretty exciting to a degree when he shot the WHO down and told them to shove it where the sun doesn’t shine. But now We have the Biden Administration, and we are starting to see a pattern on a Global scale just exactly what the results are of halting the World as a whole during a suggestive Pandemic. 

 This story broke in Gambia – an only because children were cycling into medical facilities because of one main reoccurring issue- acute kidney damage. This alerted health officials, and they realized that this needs to be investigated- these children were using 4 main cough syrups from one main manufacture in India. 

Now I know what you’re thinking- the Baby Formula thingy!

And I cannot say you’re wrong whatsoever. Any parent, grandparents Aunt or Uncle if known about this or was affected would want to know just exactly what the leading cause of all if this upset actually is.

It’s because of Covid but mainly your tolerance for Globalist Bullshit.

And what I’m really saying is-When you shut down not just one Country but quite literally the globe over a Bat flu and manufacturing comes to a screeching halt- they’re going to use any substitute to avoid the standard to fill the demand which ensures the company to stay afloat.

DO you really think the Globe has the same Legislators or Government that America has,which provides accommodations for manufactures because of Covid?

The real answer is a Hell No- that is your problem, it’s really no different than what you seen when it was 2020 and Gretchen Whitmer found more time to bitch at Trump than provide PPE for people that where essential- which means that if they didn’t have it, those who were in the hospital sick, probably died not because of covid- but because some people are just bags of shit in the world including Michigan’s Govenor.

In fact, this particular manufacturer does have a wonderful track record for producing shit products and it’s not the first time they’ve been investigated over this kind of hanky stuff. Even though they admit they checked off their boxes of Protocall- listen- everyone says that when it looks good on paper – I mean, well you know what I mean, when it comes to business or the State- which ever works to drive the point- just make it look believable. After all its just Science!

Are we lead to believe that the WHO really has the best interest of the general public of the world at heart?

They certainly seemed squirmy when it came to providing any answers or even Investigation into when the Bat Flu arrived and tacking on any emphasis of who, what, when or how it happened.

Strategically manufactured to fit that narrative which leads to literally a phasing out of the definition of what Testing stands for and what normally would happen when Freak Accidents occur. I mean that’s why we have regulations, or so I thought. Instead, they’re slowly being manufactured to either cripple or kill.

I mean, just look at what is developing when we look over our shoulders and hear Executives yack up a story on the Covidian Jabs and just how important it was to rest these prior to distribution.


These reports are only the beginning of the next 5 years of continued hijacking we have been witnesses to since the removal of Donald Trump from Office. You can certainly disagree- but honestly, you have the ask the obvious.

Could you trust these people with your own dog? Honestly- because they’re going to ensure that you will have nothing and love it or Die Enjoying what little bit there is left.

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