Witches Grave

Queen of the BEAVER Clan dared to enter the cemetary where Pat Garrett rests in peace and visit the Witches Grave.

Queen of the BEAVER Clan
Also the masonic cemetery here, where Pat Garrett is buried ,has a witches grave. That one's scares the crap out of me...in 1981 I experienced it. There is a gargoyle looking head on the tombstone. The night 3 of us idiots went ,we were drinking tequila. Found the grave, they dared me to touch the gargoy head...whether it was the tequila or the moon ,the open mouth part moved. Like it was trying to bite me. We all screamed and took off running, my one friend fell and cracked his head on a grave stone. Had to have 5 stitches. 😆 🤣
John Doe

Our local version here in Las Cruces, we see her in the Rio grande. I did once coyote hunting…but again tequila was involved.