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Nessel is Determined to Make Red Flags Work

Local Media in Michigan has determined that Red Flag Laws do not work regardless of pushed Data..

 Yet that doesn’t stop the Attorney General in the State of Michigan who is trying to make heads turn with her latest drum roll.. 

BY Orange

The latest argument led by AG Nessel is that recently a man named Jack Carpenter from Tipton Michigan made direct threats over a social media. Jack had tweeted on Feb. 17 that he was “heading back to Michigan now threatening to carry out the punishment of death to anyone that is Jewish in the Michigan govt if they don’t leave, or confess,” according to the FBI’s affidavit.

Wait–who? Oh, the FBI again?

The article continues to articulate how Carpenter has been charged with transmitting an interstate threat, for which he could receive up to five years in federal prison and is being held without bail in a federal court in Detroit, according to local reports. He was in Texas when he made the tweets, the FBI said.

Continued from the article is this tidbit of information: “The state has also been home to a growth in violent extremist movements, including a group recently put on trial for plotting to kidnap Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.”

What I find amazing at this stage is how the FBI is being utilized in the State to enforce the idea that they have actual credibility and honestly.  What is the FBI doing on social media? Anyone who has been on social media for some time, especially Twitter for that fact, has had serious questions about the amount of conduct that has been allowed without any push back from authorities. Where is Law Enforcement when it comes to this?  Yet you’re targeting and investigating individuals who are speaking about a decaying Government and the Agencies within it because they like conspiracy threads? Listen, if you’re trying to convince me that there is no suggestive “conflict” in those interests and you’re not doing that, then why is it so plain in the affidavit to include all of those small things like the Q’s and the “Momma says” yack? 

So, is it then wrong to question our Governing Agencies? The clear lack of credibility has been questioned over a series of events that have come to light including the response to various groups that are pitted in States across the nation that include radical names like Antifa to BLM. Why is the FBI forming coherent-credible-precise affidavits to pursue action against one individual from millions and yet reject protecting the General public from Riot groups who have burned down businesses, barricaded interstates and physically harmed bystanders? Do you get it? Does the FBI? Doesn’t Dana care about the welfare of the public when it comes to an actual threat? I mean haven’t these groups been allowed to openly organize themselves on these platforms? In fact, I’m absolutely sure that we have leaders in current government positions that have actually bolstered & recognized these groups. Invited them into Whitehouse rooms to have sit ins with the very President himself! 

Hold on – I want to get your attention about another recent pickup in the State of Michigan. One that nobody is paying attention to, but the news has reported it.

Yesterday, Ottawa County man faces felony charges after allegedly making threats of gun violence over the course of his appeal in a separate case against the State of Michigan, according to the Michigan Department of Attorney General’s Hate Crimes and Domestic Terrorism Unit Wednesday.

This is interesting because the initial reason as to why this man was appearing in court was because in case you didn’t know; “A Michigan Circuit Court judge dismissed all lawsuits filed against the Oxford Community School District in connection with a 2021 school shooting at Oxford High”.

In fact the ruling clearly states that: “ Governmental immunity shields government agencies from legal liability if the agency is “engaged in the exercise or discharge of a governmental function,” which a Public Institution is absolutely shielded from any liability when it comes to these circumstances. Yes, even though your child is an active participant in class, teachers will not be held liable because they’re not trained bodyguards.  S0 when Mr. Callahan projected his question in court yesterday “What is it going to take, somebody to get shot before the State acts on it?”, that landed the 67-year-old man an eyeball and a full vetting process- plus on top of being charged with a felony because the hypothetical, would be a THREAT?!

Wait, but this guy is actually for gun control or even justice when it comes to the tragic events to a school shooting?  I mean, wasn’t safety the goal like 5 years ago or maybe it was seven or 12? WE had news agencies crawling all over the place at one time- trying to push the idea that locks and that active shooter drills be a hallmark for the school budget< right?  Which the school- who you’d believe to be the responsible party of your kids’ safety-is now not legally obligated to ensure it, but equality matters! Paying Taxes Matters! We are all in this together, Remember? 

That being said, lets go back to what I asked earlier: So, is it then wrong to Question our Governing Agencies as an American? 

Thomas Jefferson defined Tyranny as: “that which is legal for the government but illegal for the citizenry.”

The Conclusion: 

While I do not in any way shape or form applaud the conduct of either individual-who is being made a spectacle of currently in these situations.  And with the best of my knowledge while reading this information-it’s hard not to come to the conclusion that Dana Nessel has certainly made it her duty to helicopter free speech to any degree with that which the Law allows her the privilege to do so. We witnessed that when it came to a 70-year-old barber trying to just make a few bucks during the Covidian crisis that held Americans as hostages in their homes. She is certainly making it her prerogative to incase the idea that America isn’t really about Democracy but more about her and how she sees who should be protected by the law. Which includes the drag queens trying to inch themselves into the doorways and halls of your local public institutions regardless of any kind of oversight because- hey, your Vote was counted- Don’t question My Authority! 

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