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Show Notes: Controlled Environment, Gun Control and AI

Morning Mission
the mighty humanzee
By The Mighty Humanzee

Socialism is the genesis of Severed Conscience, it is about creating a controlled environment where you have no voice nor free will.  You can forget 2nd Amendment rights as well.

Ronald Reagan Warned Us That Health Care Was the Socialists Trojan Horse


Ronald Reagan lays out the slow loss of freedom by centralizing authority for health care, giving power and justification for a regimenting lives while eliminating the individuals right to bodily autonomy.  While private insurance still exists in the United States, the health care and pharmaceutical industries have formed a cabal with the CDC and FDA.  COVDI demonstrated how the entire nation could be quickly subjected to the perceived authority of the CDC.  Economic lockdowns are unconstitutional, yet we allowed appointed bureaucrats to dictate we curtail our movements, remain in our houses, submit ourselves to tests and face unemployment if we refused to take an experimental substance.

Crisis was the key to get us to fall in line without much push back.

Part of our Gun Grab series looked at the various vectors of attack the leftist socialists would take to take control of our weapons.  Indeed, the Australian government was able to cart people away because the citizens, in their new found enlightenment, turned in their firearms.  Our series is here:


We focused on how the progressives and CDC characterized gun violence as a health crisis.  Our article The Obama Infection points out that our federal government has been busy collecting data to use against us.

This isn’t the first time the CDC had undertaken such a task.  In the 1990s a similar effort was launched, but it was shelved after it was discovered that the research was extremely biased.  The CDC neglected to include studies that contradicted their agenda.  For example a study in North Carolina concluded that most fatal handgun crimes were committed by felons.  Felons would not seek legal means to acquire guns.

Governor Grisham Cites Health Crisis of Gun Violence as Justification For “Temporary” Gun Ban

The theory, like COVID, is that an “official” does not need to constrained in times of emergency.  The data says we are in an emergency.

Doesn’t The Centralization of Efforts Just Make Us Better?  Our Response to 9/11

We are always told that collectively we are better, that there is strength in numbers.  Yet in order to achieve this new resilience we are admonished to give up our rights.  The Patriot Act was the first step in giving in to tyranny of the terrorists and ultimately the tyranny of the a growing Nanny State.  The Trauma of 9/11 became the phantom used to scare us into yoke and chains of the State.  

Rush Limbaugh warned us of this manipulation, and how it turned us away from facing fear and instead, yielding to the promise of safety while we traded in our freedom.  Airport body scanners didn’t make us safer.  Our agencies, supposedly protecting us, spied on us.  Our protectors became our keepers.

In the course of the next few weeks, I learned that I knew people who had lost people, family members and friends at the World Trade Center. They are still not the same. Marriages broke up because of it, families were never the same, and I remember there’s Mayor Giuliani and Bernard Kerik and everybody standing there on TV giving the latest updates, saying, “We’re never gonna allow the terrorists to shut this country down,” and so forth.

I said, “I hope that’s true. I hope every 9/11 anniversary we don’t shut this country down in remembrance, because that’s what they tried to do.” But I’m watching TV today, and there was something I didn’t see. I saw all the memorials. I saw all the people. I saw the prayers. I saw the laying of wreaths. I saw all that. I didn’t see one second of videotape of what happened on that day. Not one. I guess it’s the powers that be. They think it’s too traumatic, and the American people can’t deal with it even yet, which I think is a grave mistake.

The ADA Instituted Data Collection Policies We Ignored

Orange wrote an article recently “It’s Not Science It’s Data” on her observations of how accustomed we have become to automatically supplying data for surveys.  She traces that back to the ADA and how many federal departments anointed themselves as grand collectors.  The march has been to slowly construct a society more reliant on Internet technology, and equity has been the whispering mantra we have ignored.

It is all imposed onto you with the impression of helping the way we think about each other, our communities, ourselves and most importantly, our future. The Ai, ChatGPT, polling, surveys, clicks, likes and the list goes on, all generated to develop an Image of you. Your Interest, Dislikes and Responses are all captured to help create a world that you do not really know. And the longer we remain on the Social Media Hemisphere, the more you become detached from the reality you are alive in.

After 33 years, many contend that the ADA didn’t go far enough, and Supreme Court ruling to dismiss a citizen “tester” could hinder equity in society.  People travel to evaluate whether ADA standards are met then sue privately.  More data is needed to ensure the law is being carried out, and the laws ultimately bring planning under control of a centralized authority.  Comply or be sued.  Demonstrate that you comply for potential visitors who in reality, may not arrive at all, yet will sue if they do not feel you have satisfied the requests or don’t like your website.

Supreme Court to Hear ADA Lawsuit

A Controlled Environment Has Been Slowly Constructed

In Severed Conscience we have discussed how an new cage is being built to constrain us.  AI and social media are the chain and padlocks on our behavior, yet there has been a silent steady hand that has been altering our society.  Using trauma and the science of the mind, our culture is being transformed into a fearful, collectivized version of a once brave people.

We Identified 9/11 As A Milestone In That Transformation
They Have Studied Trauma To Know How To Use It Against Us
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