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Show Notes: 2024, The Year of The Man-Bear-Pig?

Behind Enemy Lines

Behind Enemy Lines

the mighty humanzee
The Mighty Humanzee

We see an awful lot of Al Gore lately.  Are they going to pull a man-bear-pig out of a magicians hat in the Blue states?

LA Comes Clean About Being a Shit Hole, Helps The Environment

Will More Polar Bears Drown, Or Will The Man-Bear-Pig Finally Be Added To The Endangered Species List?

The crypto fascist Climate Change Cult is not giving up, get ready for Blue states to lead the way.

Here are several recent examples of scientific dissent from the alarmist projections of the climate change cult:

    • In Hydrological Sciences Journal, Demetris Koutsoyiannis and Christos Vournas found that the post-1900 increase in the CO2 concentration (from 300 parts per million to 420 parts per million) “has not altered, in a discernible manner, the greenhouse effect, which remains dominated by the quantity of water vapour in the atmosphere.”

    • Writing in the journal Earth’s Future, W. Jackson Davis “documents an overall negative correlation between global temperatures and atmospheric CO2 concentrations over the last 210 million years,” according to A “negative correlation” —i.e., when the atmospheric concentration of CO2 rises, more often than not temperatures fall.

    • Like other scientists in earlier years, Allan T. Emrén, writing in the International Journal of Global Warming, “found that the rate of change in CO2 concentration is controlled by global temperature rather than vice versa.”

    • Norwegians John K. Dagsvik and Sigmund H. Moen (a statistician and civil engineer, respectively), writing in a Statistics Norway discussion paper, concluded that “the effect of man-made CO2 emissions does not appear strong enough to cause systematic changes in the temperature fluctuations during the last 200 years.”


Hoe-Felation Is a Problem

Feminists argue, though, that this is the time in a woman’s life when they should be building a career and having fun. Family life, they say, is an artificial prison “created by the patriarchy” in order to oppress the fairer sex. Corporate media and Hollywood entertainment often reinforce this narrative and encourage unrealistic life goals.

The propaganda has generated what many refer to as the “Female Happiness Paradox.” Surveys show that increased power, job access and responsibility for women in society since the 1970s has also led to a diametrically opposed decline in overall happiness for those same women. The correlation suggests the exact opposite of what feminism originally promised and that the ideology has been a net negative.

And here we thought Jill Biden blew the employment … numbers

Bill Johnson Wants To Be Gay

Representative Bill Johnson steps down, next day he is a president of a YSU.

Like most Republican duplicitous Ken Dolls, thinks shrink.

House GOP majority to shrink to 2 with Ohio lawmaker’s early resignation

While The Planes Were Circling, Pro Palestine Protestors Don’t Want Any More Illegals Landing


Launching an air balloon at airport is actually an act of terrorism.

You Can’t Have Gay At Harvard

Harvard President Gay (her real name) steps down, but gets to keep her $900,000 salary.  Talk about failing up.  She plagiarized material for her dissertation, but remember, stealing ideas implies you understand those ideas, she may have just copied and pasted.

Jewish organizations and Harvard students are lauding former Harvard president Claudine Gay’s resignation on Tuesday following mounting allegations of plagiarism and her mishandling of antisemitism on campus.

The Harvard Jewish Alumni Alliance, which represents thousands of former Jewish students, said Gay’s resignation concluded “an unfortunate chapter” in the prestigious Ivy League school’s near-400-year history.

An Attack on Academic Freedom

Gay’s resignation — just six months and two days into the presidency — comes amid growing allegations of plagiarism and lasting doubts over her ability to respond to antisemitism on campus after her disastrous congressional testimony Dec. 5.

Gay weathered scandal after scandal over her brief tenure, facing national backlash for her administration’s response to Hamas’ Oct. 7 attack and allegations of plagiarism in her scholarly work

Like COVID, the vaccines, economy, and everything else we are lectured about, we hopefully will have the Death of Expertise

The lockdowners and shot mandators were never intellectually serious people. They never much thought about the implications or ramifications of what they were doing. They were just wrecking things mostly for pecuniary gain, job protection, and career advancement, plus it was fun to be in charge. It’s not much more complicated than that.

Hamas #2 Flushed Down The Toilet

We Can’t Let The British Get Ahead – Justice Roberts OK With Using AI To Assist Judges

I predict that human judges will be around for a while. But with equal confidence I predict that judicial work—particularly at the trial level—will be significantly affected by AI. Those changes will involve not only how judges go about doing their job, but also how they understand the role that AI plays in the cases that come before them.”

A federal appeals court in November issued a proposed rule on requiring lawyers to sign papers saying they did not use AI programs for briefs, or that if they did, then the briefs were subsequently reviewed by a human.

O and Zee reported in December how courts in Britain will allow the use of AI in preparation of briefs and perform text analysis.  In fact December we focused on AI with demonstrations of Chat GPT, check those episodes out.

Zelenskyy Of The Shire Got Coal In His Stocking

“The fact that the New York Times is now reporting this tells you how bad the situation is. They’ve realized that this party is over,” Johnson told Redacted host Clayton Morris in the weekend interview, referencing this NYT report.

“It goes to part of another story that came out last week about members of the Rada – the legislature. They’re trying to get out of Ukraine. So to get out of Ukraine at the border you’ve got to show a passport. So no passport, no leaving,” Johnson said. 

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