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The Militarized State of Washington

Joe Biden believes that Democracy Thrives under the guise of his Leadership- yet History paints his weak participation of his former investments as a purging of the American Dream.


By Orange

Yet how can we as observers really not recognize this?

You notice I did not emphasize to draw the question to Americans? Because to assist such a semblance with the notion to call you an American, is radical, biased and under this administration, they’re doing the best they can to remove any kind of lip service to the idea of the word. American, or the dirty thought of being one in a Joe/Harris Administration doesn’t fall in line with the position of their Social Justice reform policy that they have worked so hard to enact. And by that, I mean, the Biden Administration:

To be honest, I am bothered by the fact that this presidency wants to insist and openly illustrate this very narrow image of me, the American. It’s conjoined with the idea that Government works in my favor, and we know that if there is anything more corrosive to the image of being an American, which is not how Joe Biden sees it and it is certainly not in favor of larger Government spending or higher consumer cost. Yet, this Administration is hell bent on raising the cost onto the consumer which has initially trapped fiscally responsible Americans. Those who have worked their whole lives and want to enjoy the years of that labor without Biden plugs.   Yet the policies that this administration has put forward time and time again places the comfort of tomorrow only onto those who cry daily over student loan debt, food security & a fair living wage. I mean, has anyone really profited off a campaign dream in America besides those 1% Billionaire’s? (Hey Bernie!!)

 And yet it all works together and is passed on- through the media each Election year and is defined to Americans as an “inherited crisis”. The imagery of that and how Covid pivoted that power play which has taken us to an even deeper place where a very serious toll will be felt economically. The steepest of Hijacked forms that continue to infect Americans onto a Monarchy of Villainism rooted in an illogical burden of psychotic spending, accommodated by a dark cloud of economic devastation, all wrapped in the name of “Saving the soul of America”. –

Talk about a construct!


But why call it the Militarized State? Because America on a worldwide platform has always been known and recognized for its ready attitude and strength to take on and partner when it came to the delivery of accountability. When people across the Globe are being harmed by truly heinous leaders, America is there to handle the impossible task. Not leaving them behind in Afghanistan?

Yet, Biden has clearly adorned himself with the idea that those who are our enemies, foreign and domestic, get a free ride to the enterprise of not only our authentic cultivated farmlands but also our well-known fresh waters. As I have once written in a prior article, America has served to many in the World as a Light to many and that is a Nation where the freedom of expression and religion exists.

How does that translate to Militarized?

I would have to ask you how well do you remember the inauguration of Joe?

The Field of Flags, what Rush Limbaugh called the “Chinese Olympics” is a photo of the National Mall being adorned in flags and what Media talking heads described as these flags representing those who couldn’t be there in person, but this was a demonstration of their choice for Joe.

As odd as it was to hear and see, the justified stance was all based on the continuation of the Coronavirus. While the virus was ripping through the Country, My Governor found a way to include her daughters to the event. It didn’t matter then when she insisted that the People of State Michigan needed to slow the spread and stay home and safe. And it seemed to not matter in the Last Election, nor does it matter today for some. Yet for me and a few others in the State, it should matter.

Yet, Democracy dies under Trump?

Recall during this time, the overactive participating losers called the media enacted a straight-line wind of consistent narratives to be consumed that Trump deserved to be Impeached. His time was up, and it was painted in the lines of Pennsylvania Avenue each day that Trump & treason go together like Peas and Carrots. And the latest mouthful those same loser paint according to the New York Times is the position that Military grade ammunition is being sold to civilians. I, the American, who thwart such active illustration on to the public and that ammunition needs to be removed from me because the possibility or even an attempt of more tragedies are possible because the Government believes I am not a responsible adult. But if a girl in the local community college wants to be a boy, kill a baby or maybe just burn down the local police department, its completely legal to Joe Biden and progressive AGs of Blue States. The only difference today, is that Trump is not in office. Yet the Media has been allowed to push any and every kind of suggestive fear campaign dating back from the war on Terror because those top tier, three Lettered Terror leaders know that the free civilian will stay chained onto the hypothetical and eliminate actual reality because of what they are constantly fed. 

Getting back to Bidens ideal inauguration, the Pentagon found time to investigate Trumps administration on possible ties to a plan which could pose a threat against the incoming President. Ironically, the Pentagon found nothing that insisted that Trump nor any of his working inside affiliates had any kind of plan to thwart onto the incoming Potus. Yet, Members of the US National Guard arrived on January 12, 2021, in Washington, DC. And who sent them? The Pentagon, they deployed as many as 15,000 National Guard troops to protect Biden’s inauguration on January 20th, amid fears of new* violence.

Isn’t that interesting?

“New”- like Covid, we seem too unaffected by this term that consistently resurfaces itself and it happens without enrolling. In fact, I think we are pork stuffed in this revolving door of information that should somehow pave a new idea, direction or employ a thought that’s never been asked prior. But what if I think that Joe Biden’s Idea of draping thousands upon thousands of flags on the grounds of the National Mall looked like the actual Insurrection? I mean, how else could Biden’s ideal stake holders say from around the globe that this was the real demonstration & proof of election interference?

And yet, how does that translate to the Democracy we are always hearing about?

I mean, if the modern media of today’s so-called experts can dig into any dumpster around America and insist it is a fact and onto the people and claim it is the largest scandal ever, which seeped under the door and into the Room, like -Russia… then yeah, I am calling Joe Biden’s Legacy the installed toilet catastrophe it is!  And the biggest loser is from the Joint Chiefs of Staff and his name begins with an M and ends with a Y…

Yet, within hours of that insurrection, Biden signed Executive Orders that initially dismantled the reality of America and her borders. In Biden’s own words,” I’m not making new law. I’m eliminating bad policy,” Biden said.

In fact, he pursued to enforce the position that he was reuniting Families:

Biden’s strategy is centered on the basic premise that our country is safe and stronger and more prosperous with a safe, orderly and humane immigration system that welcomes immigrants, keeps families together and allows people — both newly arrived immigrants and people who have lived here for generations — to more fully contribute to our country,”

– not trafficking children or pro-longing the War on Drugs? Yet, the statistics do not lie. In fact, the media has tried to insist that polls change on a daily basis just like your emotional fears but those do not matter. Even if illegals or cartel members are running thru the backyards of those living in Arizona or Texas today, it does not matter, says Joe!

Which that illustration reminds of the words of Abe Lincoln, words that are becoming more and more relevant today and that is America will fall not because she was the light to a dark world, but because poor investments and national security risks translates to nothing. Those who are power hungry mad men and have never been responsible for a damn thing in their lives unless it favored their personal ambition and greed are allowed to roam free today.

Even as the New Year of 2024 kicks off, Americans will collect themselves to run to the polls to vote for their conscience. Unless of course you’re living in a Blue State. If you live in a Blue State that tells me that you’ll be harassed weekly leading up to Election Day. Enlightened by the Local press daily who only push narratives that lie to you and climate change! 

Don’t Believe Me? 

I am currently reading about the National Defense Industrial Strategy from the DOD that was just released this last week. You should want to read this as well, but I just want to make a few Notations for my records because the future is looking bleak according to this. And those apart of this Joe Harris Administration are clearly outlining this as a generational goal set for the future. Which in turn is going to help me itemize the lists of who to vote for and who I should throw overboard like a sack of Tea.

Moving on:

Under the label of Priorities in this report is a section called,

Resilient Supply chains:

And this is where America is claimed to be, suggestively- according to their data collected. But remember, Joe keeps telling the Media to STOP Lying about the Economy, the Border and Rulings from the Supreme Court!

And the Goal is to enhance and somehow maintain where we are at. Much of what you find in this report is pretty alarming, yet- to a degree- it helps you recognize why we are doing nothing at the border, why they are seeking to fill more busses with illegals and most importantly what part of this Country they are checking for a pulse.

The information you read in this report seems to be directly compelled by analysis taken from a conflict that is overseas, in a land called:  Ukraine.

So, with the understanding that we are no longer working towards maintaining an economy for our own future instead we are being prepped to maintain a Global Initiative of deterrence and supplies, which forecasts sunny skies and rainbows for those who loath our history, despise Independence, reject education and skills and will be loyal to their own drum beating of how Justice will be served. Yup, it seems like a pretty pro-active strategy that the Biden Administration believes you deserve, America.

It’s not hard to openly see how all those years of Common Core in those General Education Rooms are working together like the college soiled institutions which are now the bidding grounds of the how the Government functions 101. 

That being said, I don’t need to convince you of Who or What policy or Canidate to vote for in 2024. This alone I hope can compel enough Americans to see and vote for truth not lies. And that should be on the Ballot in 2024, Facts should matter in America.

In closing, the DOD wants to know that you as an American, have their backs. They will rally for their ideals of the Common Defense. 

Will you give Consent? If not, they say-” The Consequences of inaction are far greater.”



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