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Show Notes: TikTok, Like Clockwork

The TikTok bill has been described as the Patriot Act 2.0 and a stealth mechanism for censorship.  But as we shutdown a foreign company for influencing youth, why do we let foreign entities access our voting machines?

TikTok Bill Passes House, Could Pass Senate

While TikTok targets youth and allows the CCP access to our children’s data, the TikTok bill is the second step in bringing all digital communications under the office of the President.  Biden’s executive order that establishes safety precautions for Artificial Intelligence identifies the need to bring “equity” to technology while the TikTok bill provides the federal government the ability to stop digital threats.

Here’s Who Really Runs TikTok, Despite the Lobbyist Talking Points.

Dominion Voting Machines Serviced By Foreign Subcontractors

Sheriff Dar Leaf has sent a letter to Jim Jordan requesting that Congress investigate the Dominion Voting Machines and how they were serviced during the 2020 Election.

I have evidence in my file of Serbian foreign nationals entering our election system while the votes were being counted, and prior to certification. The election vendor, Dominion, hired these Serbian employees and disclosed in emails that they are not able to provide backgrounds on these individuals due to law in Serbia. It has only been a mere 25 years since conflict involving
Serbia. Therefore, the United States has allowed a scenario where potentially Serbian military criminals are running our elections and remotely entering our election equipment.

I am investigating the role that some individuals inside the United States have played in conspiring with these foreign nationals, and who have even directed and instructed them to access and interfere with electronic voting machines and electronic voting systems during past elections, including the November 2020 election. Multiple false assurances from state and federal agencies, and private companies that our elections were secure and not compromised through remote network access or otherwise. Moreover, I have evidence that U.S. Dominion and its
affiliates (Dominion) instructed its employees to alter or otherwise falsify the integrity of the software and hardware in its voting machines and systems to attain certification by the Election Assistance Commission (EAC), even when they knew that the systems could not be properly verified and certified.  Additionally, I have evidence that the voting machines and systems are vulnerable to alteration and manipulation, i.e., interference, by the use of thumb drives and external devices

Sheriff Leaf also released the emails and evidence that he claims supports his accusations.

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