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Shadow Theology
Progressive Christianity is something new to The Mighty Humanzee. While wokism has crept into mainstream...
If You Ain't Up on Current Events
FacebookTweetPin A follow up to the Washington Post article regarding the Dominion voting machine vulnerabilities....
They're Coming To Get You Barbara
FacebookTweetPin The leftist obsession with Q-Anon has reached levels of superstitious panic, as they...
Formula 51: Inducing Medical Fear
FacebookTweetPin While the baby formula shortage is creating havoc, we can see the media and medical...
Michigan Depopulation Bomb
FacebookTweetPin Abortion proponents claim great economy misery awaits for Michigan with the pending...
Construction of a Narrative
FacebookTweetPin Michigan has a Russiagate problem. Apparently state representative Daire Rendon, who...
Michigan Spanish Inquisition
FacebookTweetPin Michigan Attorney General is investigation health professionals who speak at board of...
FacebookTweetPin In this episode The Mighty Humanzee discusses how the Omincron variant reveals the playbook...
I'm Expectin' Ivermectin
The Mighty Humanzee has put together a video of how he’s been dealing with COVID. Hear what went...
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