Our Favorite Means of Disruption

Social media has not delivered on it’s promise to be the new voice of liberty; in fact, we feel our voices have been silenced on major platforms.  For years we dodged Big Tech censors by posting articles while risking the penalty of suspension, resorting to screen shots in order to relay information that would be intercepted in text. 

Naturally we our tenacity keeps us active so we can continue to communicate timely with one another on social media, but it became apparent that tweets and posts limited in characters was not enough deliver the impact.

Podcasting was obvious answer.  While some of the team have experience on Talk Radio, the open format of podcast coupled with video gives us the flexibility to express any of our ideas in the manner we want to.  You’ll notice the high degree of irreverence our hosts have, infusing humor with the latest developments in culture and politics.  We also pride ourselves on doing research to support our views, and our podcasts reflect that quality.

This all started when in 2020 the Mighty Humanzee literally struck a match, lit a fire and recorded his thoughts for the evening on his phone.  Fondly referred to as Studio A, this format was the seed that has taken root in the work you see here.