To BE or Not for Thee…

What is Proposal 3?

How sure are we to believe that our Own Government has our best interest and the interest of the Future at Heart, when they reject a Beating one in a Living Body?

By Orange

First and foremost, Who is leading the support on Proposal 3? You will see below, I included the Leaders as well Who is pouring dollar after dollar into this suggestive so called “Freedom”. The current President himself, who claims to be a devout Self-Professed Catholic, is informing the Youth of America that Abortion is a Fundamental Right but is it really?  The Millions of University youth across America today are pumped full of this upchuck and end up being one of the largest foot soldiers to these Policy changes. Thanks to Individuals like SOS Benson, who while running for office in 2017 made Students the outline of her campaign.

Yet the issue still begs to be remedied, should the Youth of these Institutions be the only deciding factor based on their outcries? Should their own lack of experience with life and decision making be the only applicable opinion that should be counted and contributed to these changes and who’s to say that their personal choices be covered verses an individual who needs a lifesaving surgery? 

I mean, should their personal cries of Choice supersede the need of those who are older and have paid & paved their own way for the American Dream?

Now, I’m not a lawyer nor am I a certified English Major or a Modern day WOKE Journalist with an underwear drawer the size of Brian Stelter’s GUT, but I can tell you that the slop Job on language in this Prospal is sketchy as Hell.

Please, let’s just make a Note that the vomit seated Language in the word Support is a endless means of any possibility to Fund this Cause, including your own Tax Dollars.

Currently, in Michigan, abortion is legal prior to fetal viability. After viability, an abortion can only be performed to preserve the life of the mother.

Exactly why Abortion and Proposal 3 makes a Truly winning argument for the three wenches of Michigan which include, The Bitch, The Nat and The Brat.

Knowing the Trio from Hell though, they don’t see that the very data from their own base as an obstacle. In this Graph on the left- you can clearly see that Abortion isn’t an actual call for Action or Freedom.  Demand has actually been on the decline in Michigan.


MLive ran this article back in 2018 but updated it in 2019, throwing in loads of upscale pork to keep the Abortion is Freedom narrative alive. Not because it matters but because they need a reported product because in the New Norm, we need more window lickers and Helmet Nancie’s that go with Gretch’s Socialist Club of Science verses acknowledging any brain activity. You’ll first realize that whoever did update it, did a truly piss poor job of rehashing and posting the dilemma they’re trying to push. It clearly starts off as a Goal Post Product, then the trickle down of rust catches the internal shit, and the bottom falls out all based on the facts of their own reporting. Which is kind of nice, I mean, less word vomit from me! (ha)

Many in the State forget that this was one of the Few Exceptions in Gretchen Whitmer Tyranny during the Covidian Flu. In fact- she made it a point to allow abortion clinics to remain open for business while the AG sent out officers across the State to pursue a clear double Standard on those with small businesses. In fact, a lawsuit filed in April of 2020 presenting the Contradiction including even those with more serious cases of illness that were cancelled but abortion, Essential.

Regardless of this Administration (Federal or State) who is trying to create Lasting Language in this bubble of Fundamental Utopia dreams that only transplanted loons live in, the rest of the World is watching and asking who is actually the Base of this assisted living dependency?

The Facts are clear. The fan base of these reports is from a swath of college aged women and younger, who are more so convinced & won over by the mere convenience of abortion based on their choices of unprotected sex.

Many of these youthful Institutionalist believe that health care should be as easy and accessible to them as it is going to a Walmart on any day of the week. 

Yet-No one in that base- wants to confront the Elephant in the Room and that is the emotional and mental toll on our young women who are choosing to receive these services in the State, currently.

Yet- the same people, tooted the same horn as our Govenor did-who believe that- “Mental Health Matters” but only when it Matters for their cause- not yours. Remember 15 days to slow the spread!

Just this Summer, Governor Whitmer issued a letter to all insurance companies in the state of Michigan urging them to unlawfully expand abortion coverage. Now, this was a case she creatively made back in 2013- going after Republican peers in both the House and Senate, claiming that based on her personal Trama of rape, which gained her National Attention, she screamed the attention on to those who believed that Private Insurance Companies should be allowed to make those seeking an abortion to seek their own means on payment instead of allowing it to be covered.  Whitmer Blasted them asserting to Republicans; “You need to think of the girls that we’re raising and what kind of a state we want to be where you would put your approval on something this extreme.” –

Speaking on those lines, you’d think that a Trio of Women who have self-professed this kind of language-would be more empathic & willing to help the Mental Health of women and young girls, right?

I mean, creating more self-sustaining choices to be better prepared for the World and the benefits that come from that dialog eventually allows a pathway to success verses the idea that this current trio pushes like employing Drag Queens in EVERY school across the State.

That being said, many like-minded citizens of Michigan will be showing up to vote in this Midterm Election not just for a Governor or for a well-spoken Representation of themselves in Congress. 

But most importantly for A Future, hopefully without Gretchen Whitmer and her Trio of Shat-but across the board All Lives Do Matter not just the selected few made Essential by Gretchen Whitmer’s trio of Double Standards. And with that being said, I truly hope that Michigan will choose life verses the Trio of hatched Soros Plants. 

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