Theater of War

Are the Seats in the Theater Empty?

As we prepare for our next podcast session, the thoughts of the Nordstream explosion and other actions make it hard for us to form a conclusion that we are being lead by the right people and are told to fight for the right reasons. 

the mighty humanzee
By The Mighty Humanzee

What you see to the left is a reproduction of the commemorative stamp depicting the destruction of the bridge connecting Russia to the Crimea in Ukraine.  So a nation at war with the largest holder of nuclear weapons – if you believe the experts – has time to create commemorative stamps and a large reproduction for display.  Remember the bridge itself was attacked on Saturday, 3 days ago. 

From the beginning of this conflict, which many have argued could have been avoided early on, we have been sold a line of stories that just don’t add up.  The media parrots stories and we we supposed to accept them at face value unquestioningly.  Any normal person would wonder how a stamp and an enlarged reproduction could be created in under 3 days, yet the MSM miraculously ignores any common sense, and acts as stenographers.  

If you follow our podcasts you’ll note that lately we, too, are discussing the prospect of the Great Reset more. Both on Behind Enemy Lines and on the OZ Fest series Rationed State Part One and Two.  We remain skeptical that the war was inevitable, and that the Biden Administration is not acting as the aggressors.  John Jackson has laid out very clearly that the Nordstream Pipeline was not the result Russia action, but of US tactics.  Why are we being moved in the direction?  We feel that the rush to war is the catalyst to bring on the excuse or rationalization that we must ration, that we must cut our fuel expenditures, that we must sacrifice and send our young men and women into war.  

We are lucky to have John Jackson with us, as he has served in many conflicts and based on his experience lays out a declaration:

These foreign actions will be used as the justification to not hold an election, or perhaps those who want to retain will stage further action here, and given the track record of lying in during the Afghanistan withdraw and in Ukraine, how could one ignore the underlying current of mistrust.  Look at those urging the Great Rest who also praise Joe Biden’s action in Ukraine, they are the same people.  They are George Soros.  Your instincts should be screaming at you that we can’t trust what we are being told and we can’t trust the leaders who praise those who want to dismantle our society.  You can see Soros praise Biden for his steadfast action in Ukraine since 2014.

If you feel that our skepticism is unwarranted then here is yet another voice expressing her concern.  Katie Hopkins released this video casting doubt on the Ukrainians being the coordinators and perpetrators of the attack.  To the right is the second stamp released commemorating the attack, and she describes the imagery as that match the scene from Titanic, something that westerners would recognize, and perhaps not Ukrainians.  She has several good points. 

Are we being maneuvered? You have to ask when so many issues surround the “truths” we are told about the Ukrainian conflict.  We’ll be discussing this later tonight on Episode #13 of Behind Enemy Lines. 

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