Dana Nessel Guardian of Progressives

Michigan Is Faced With Dire Consequences

Dana Nessel is not merely a flippant, controversial figure.  She is a destructive politically driven attorney who is not afraid to use her office to destroy what she opposes so she can achieve her progressive aims. 

the mighty humanzee
By The Mighty Humanzee

Once elected as the Attorney General for Michigan, Dana Nessel announced that she would work on the behalf of the people and take on large corporations.  The leftists and progressives cheered loudly as finally, with their new champion the state would put businesses in it’s crosshairs

Activism.  The Left loves their activism, and their wet dream is to have an attorney general who will pursue others that they deem are not operating within the parameters of the left’s agenda.  And Dana stepped into this role in grandiose style.

Her self proclaimed proudest moment is the lawsuit against Big Pharma for opioid addiction.  Yet this money is merely a payoff in exchange for implementing programs that use drugs from the same Big Pharma companies.  In addition,this also pails compared the amount of mRNA vaccines the state has purchased for COVID. 

Dana’s next target was Line 5, the pipeline transporting oil and natural gas from Wisconsin into Michigan.  Pandering to the climate change cult, she joined Governor Whitmer’s efforts to shit down our backs and shut down the pipeline completely.  To the cheers of the left, Nessel and Whitmer sought to turn of the source of fuel that supplies energy to heat homes in northern Michigan. Former governor Rick Snider has a plan in place to allow with Enridge to construct a new pipeline, greatly needed as the current pipeline is decades old.  One thing we have to keep in mind with the progressives is that they allow maintenance to lapse if they think a crisis can be created to benefit their goals.  It’s not hard to imagine that a major leak of Line 5 would be used as further justification to shut it down to save the environment.

Nessel’s next target has been to “work” with Consumer’s Energy to ensure that there will be no rate hikes that affect customers.  Again we have to question the motives of the Attorney General who sides with far left environmental groups.  Consumers Power has announced that they will discontinue use of coal power plants, pledging to use alternative energy instead.  If you recall Obama’s smug comment that his policies would put coal power plants out of business you have to wonder if this is not Nessel’s job to use intimidation to make this come to fruition.  Clearly Nessel is acting to “prevent” the crime is price hikes when she claims she has negotiated with Consumer’s Power.  Honestly, who has heard of an attorney general acting in this type of proactive capacity.

And what a relief, Dana Nessel has also been involved with improving how we produce food.  No surprises here, she is being proactive with 22 other attorney generals who signed a petition to the FDA urging them to adopt stricter standards of against contamination, standards that will halt food production in a draconian manner.  The 23 attorney generals, with the aid of an activist panel of experts in New York State, recommended near zero tolerance of heavy metal particles in food.  Testing will be conducted yearly before production is to begin.  This petition ignores the fact that food manufactures already exceed the current FDA standards.  But this interference from liberals who claim to know better is very dangerous, as we have seen how the FDA has dragged its heels re-certifying baby formula production.  Add to this the spate of hysteria of listeria poisoning, and you can easily imagine food shortages based on these ill advised standards that Nessel seeks.  

And don’t think that Dana Nessel has been shy enforcing the COVID and mRNA narrative either.  During the pandemic Nessel has actively targeted medical professionals who have rightly questioned the practices employed by hospitals, as well as the efficacy of the Pfizer vaccine.  People have been threatened with losing their licenses and being fined for speaking out.  And businesses were not safe from her destructive actions either, as she shut restaurants, fined and jailed owners.

With her political opponents, Dana has not skipped a beat when using her office to malign and prosecute.  From 2020 she has spun a legal theory that attorneys who knowingly misrepresent election fraud cases are breaking the law.  What that law is, she can’t say but she likens it to a consumer protection law.  Using this nonsense as a foundation, Nessel along with Secretary of State Joceyln Benson opened an investigation into requests by a state legislator and sheriff into the state of voting tabulation machines.  Nessel has seized several machines, then later empaneled a special prosecutor against her opponent Matt DePerno. The investigation was announced within 24 hours of the Mar-A-Lago raid on President Trump, capitalizing on the election denier fear that the liberals have been promoting since 2020.

But Nessel’s crowning achievement, a catastrophe of Biblical proportions, is her lawsuit to save an invasive species of lake mussels which resulted in the flood of Midland.  Her lawsuit named lake mussel nearly 30 times, yet failed to factor in the risk to the population of Midland should the water levels of the Midland Reservoir be raised too high.  Ignoring engineers and local expertise, who urged that the levees maintain lower water levels to avoid breach, Nessel’s team filed their lawsuit and won.  The water levels, lower in order to perform maintenance, were increased.  19 days later the reservoir was breached, requiring the evacuation of 10,000 Midland citizens.  To this day the reservoir remains a meadow, and the lake mussels that Dana hoped to save were indeed wiped out.

As you can see, the unbridled arrogance of Dana Nessel makes her dangerous to our liberties, she has no ability to see the consequences of her actions, and in fact, she performs these with an energy that makes you question her motives.  She is destructive and should be nowhere near public office.  Michigan, wake up, eject her from office this election.  Can you imagine the damage she will do if she is not threatened with the loss of her office in the next four years?  She is a nightmare.  But the icing on this bitter, vile, tyranny cake is that Dana has no problem using her own children to attack other’s religion.  But she stoops even lower by recommending drag queens for all students, because drags are just cool.  Banish this vile, hateful activist.  Michigan won’t survive another year with her in power.

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