Panic Driving Elections Is Bad Medicine

Judge Your Leaders on Their Past Actions

Many ask “who do you want to pick up the phone at 3 AM in the morning during an emergency.  But we can’t let that fear shape our decisions when we had a sample of crisis management during COVID.  Special thanks to Orange (@orangezipple1) and Pam (@grammypam64gill) who contributed to this article.

the mighty humanzee
By The Mighty Humanzee

With the election just days away, we have to ask ourselves if our leadership guided us or fooled us during COVID.  We have a choice to remain in a sleep-like trance, ignoring the unconstitutional mandates that locked us in our homes and prevented us from travel, fishing, gardening issued by elected officials who acted like dictators.  Will the same people behave differently in the next crisis, or will their reaction be the same?

RSV has had an alarming increase, and an extended period of outbreak this year.  Typically RSV is limited to deep winter, as close quarters are the means that this respiratory virus spreads.  In the past this has been limited primarily to infants and toddlers, manifesting as a cold among adults. 


This year it is up 3x compared to last year.  Michigan is no exception, as we have this very sad line regarding an 6 year old boy succumbing to RSV at Beaumont hospital.

The coroner issued the following statement:

“The child was diagnosed in the hospital and survived in the hospital for several hours, I believe, with severe respiratory distress,” Dr. Ljubisa Dragovic, the medical examiner, told the outlet. “He had an RSV infection because it was documented and tested positive in the hospital.”

We have heard this before:  An expert proclaims an outcome based on tests that someone has conducted, but because they are from a hospital they are inerrant, perfect.  

Here are the symptoms, and don’t feel bad if they cause your instincts to rise with the hairs on the back of your neck:

Fever.  Runny nose.  Wheezing.  Congestion.

Those are COVID symptoms.  The difference?  Well a test, maybe even a PCR test who knows because the test isn’t mentioned, and hospital says that it can’t be COVID, and it can’t be flu, so it must be RSV.  Note there are no questions regarding the methods used to determined the malady.  We should not question, just read the report.

When was the last time a 6 year old died from RSV?  As a father of two, I’ve seen illness take hold and quickly lay out a young child, but RSV is generally a concern for toddlers on downloading, not 6 year olds.

So let’s look at factors out of the ordinary, and no that’s no climate change, and no it’s not COVID as you can’t have it both ways where tests indicate RSV test COVID is the secret factor.

For one, we have spent the last years masking kids, shielding the immune systems during a time when their immune system must be exposed to all sorts of illness, as this is how the immune system trains itself to react to viruses.  We’ ve kept our children isolated, indoors for 2 years during the pandemic.  Ruinous for young immune systems.

Additionally, most Americans are deficient in Vitamin D which is vital to immunal function.  Contributing factors to this are the fact we stay indoors far too long.  Sunlight is a primary source of Vitamin D.  Respiratory virus go into hiatus because during the warm sunny months there is a significant increase of Vitamin D we receive.  Our immune systems in the dark months do not receive enough Vitamin D, weaken, and hence cold and flu season is November to March.  Medical fact.  

And the research is quite clear, that prolonged mask wearing collects bacteria from the lungs, from the environment, from fingers touching and readjusting masks and from other kids.  They are kids, they’re not clinicians.  Normally PPE is discarded after exposure, not worn from patient to patient yet we insisted for 2 years that kids should wear masks.  Despite the warnings that this, too, would weaken immune systems with prolonged CO2 exposure.

But we have been so conditioned by the experts during COVID to forget all these facts and stop thinking while receiving instructions from technocrats.  It’s amazing to behold.  Here is one shocking statement:

The Post previously reported on the surge in RSV cases earlier this year, as easing COVID-19 restrictions led to a spate of year-round infections of what is typically a fall and winter virus.

The medical experts sling the phrase “Correlation does not mean causation” when they dismiss arguments that present related facts.  But in this case, easing of COVID restrictions – product of the Science were we screamed at to follow – is the cause of a resurgence in illness that normally is not a factor during the summer months.  

But let’s not succumb to that warped thinking.  We sheltered our children, impaired their immune systems by refusing to let them outside, forced them to wear masks, and refused to give them Vitamin D.  We also injected them with a vaccine that lowers the immune system’s ability to fend off viruses and illness.  

The standard answer from health “officials” is to get more vaccines.  Avoid the triple pandemic by getting more shots that weaken you further.

RSV is affecting our youngest, more vulnerable residents,” Oakland County Medical Director Dr. Russell Faust said in Wednesday’s statement. “We are concerned about RSV, flu and COVID-19 all being widespread as we move into the winter. Get your COVID and flu vaccines when eligible and wash your hands often.”

Clearly there is something at work with the increase in infections, but you have to question if the COVID cases were RSV case misdiagnosed by overly aggressive PCR testing at inappropriate levels to inflate numbers and gain federal aid, or if these RSV cases are “COVID” yet induced from the mRNA vaccine itself.  Director Rochelle Wallenski has COVID for the FIFTH time by following the Religion Known as The Science.  

So let’s project a little, muse a bit shall we?

From a psychological perspective we have been conditioned during the past 2 years by the COVID tyranny imposed by Governor Whitmer in our state of Michigan.  Years of constant messaging have created a shell shocked population who is ready to back under quarantine conditions.  These are the same people who yelled at you for not donning a face diaper, for remaining a Pure Blood and taking the horse paste Ivermectin instead of lining for the vaccine promoted by St Anthony of Wuhan.  These emergency announcements activate that fear, and close to the election that is a weapon to get people to line up.  In the metro areas I see people wearing masks today.  They are not the brave souls who question our betters and see what has happened to us.  They’re just not.  And after all Gov Whitmer has been recognized by the press as one of the leaders in the response to COVID.  We need to retain her in office in case another type of health crisis breaks out.  These headlines certainly play to that crowd.  

Now consider this:  with the revelations that the mRNA causes heart failure, blood clots and have been found in breast milk, there needs to be an explanation to the rise in off season respiratory illness.  Canada experienced it as well, and they were more heavily vaccinated than we are in the US.  And given the symptoms of RSV listed above, if you are suffering from autoimmune deficiency the RSV can be offered up as an explanation.  How many times has a doctor pronounced the flu without administering a test?  Did the coroner quoted above sound confident when stating “ … survived in the hospital for several hours, I believe, with severe respiratory distress.”?  Medical records would have stated the condition, why “believe” that suffering occurred?

And here is another interesting case to consider, a young girl was rushed to the hospital with RSV only to be diagnosed with leukemia.  That seems to be a strange turn of events.  It’s certainly tragic.  But again this girl is not an infant, does not fit the traditional profile of susceptible to RSV.  With the vaccine there has been a surge in the rise of cancer, and again, what exogenous factors have occurred that should be taken into consideration?  Was this child vaccinated as well?  We cannot conclude that she was, but we must not be shamed into not asking these types of questions.

There is something sinister in the paucity of questions that they press and medical institutions have regarding these outbreaks of conditions that 4 years ago we would not have been remotely concerned about.  Not only have we been trained to remain helpless, we are told to forget medical knowledge that would allow us to help ourselves.  It is a learned helplessness that a slave society adopts, it is a mental condition that dictatorships fostered and benefited from in nightmares from history.   We need to abandon these institutions that have lied to us, and throw out the regime who enabled this, while they smiled and partied without masks.

Gov Whitmer did that very thing.  And the experts she cited never allowed us to ask questions about their COVID recommendations, even when they clearly gave us guidance contrary to sound medical practice, ignored standard practice for vaccine development, and when all the models and projections they used turned out to be mildly accurate at best.

Don’t give her and other politicians of her the chance to benefit another crisis, imagined or manufactured or real, ever again.  Too many died unnecessarily, and we want to prevent future harm.

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