A Boy Named Adam

mRNA Vaccine Can Be A Silent Yet Sudden Killer

A physician submits this tragic story of the death of 17 year old young man who he had identified as vaccine injured.  This doctor wishes to remain anonymous to protect his license.

the mighty humanzee
By The Mighty Humanzee

There have been many changes in my professional life since I opened my general medicine practice.  Since my specialty is trauma surgery, this is a throwback to my residency days.  Every physician is certified in general medicine. We decided which speciality to pursue during our residency.

I have not taken the “vaccine” for SARS-Cov2.  I will not take the “vaccine” nor will I suggest or counsel a patient to take the “vaccine”.

I followed several physicians, who have investigated harmful side effects due to taking the “vaccine”.  I have had access to DOD DMED and CDC/FDA VAERS and have studied the results that have been entered into the database. 

I also have had access to medicines and information regarding the proficiency of medicines that could have saved many of our people. 

I say all this because I have an extremely sad story to share.  This is from my perspective as a physician.  And as a father I have changed names and can not give you many details due to HIPAA laws. 

Back in July 2022, my partners and I volunteered to hold discounted school physicals for a few surrounding counties.  These counties are not as populated as most and school physicals can be expensive for some families.  In total, we performed over a hundred physicals for local high school students.

To our dismay, most of these young people had taken the “vax” the prior year so they could play high school sports.  Knowing this fact, we had to be comprehensive in our process to not only cover the child but also cover ourselves. 

The state and county have their own forms and list of items they require you as a physician to check for and advise upon.  We decided to bring our lab equipment to perform basic blood testing.  According to the DMED and VAERS databases, we had a list of “issues” we were looking for, due to the fact these kids had possibly taken the “vax”.

Having worked with Navy SEALs, I am well aware of physically fit individuals and have sat a few down from active combat service based on their current health situations. My partners asked my opinions on their patients and concerns.  Believe me, as a father, the last thing I wanted to do was tell a child they could not fulfill their heart’s desire. As a physician, it is my duty to protect these young men and women.

After going through the checklist questions and exams, I had the difficult task of denying 5 young men their chance to complete this year in high school sports.  Three of these young men I personally treated.

While sitting down with the young men and their parents, my concerns were greeted with mixed emotions.  Parents are furious about having their child submit to the “vax” for their students.  This practice was made known this past week but American First Legal.  This is a link to their story.


Back to the story.

One of the five young men I denied the right to play high school sports, “Adam”, died this past weekend.  I had performed his physical and sat with him and his parents as I explained the results. 

Adam’s father came to the clinic Monday morning to get a paper copy of the physical I performed in July.  The office called me to let me know the dad was on his way over.  I was not in the office that day but went to meet Adam’s dad.

I arrived just as Adam’s dad walked into the office.  As I entered, Adam’s dad stood there, rock still. I went to him and surrounded him in a bear hug.  As I felt him starting to break down, I ushered him into the back and into our private office. 

After a few minutes, he began to tell me the events of the weekend.

A few of his son’s friends were at his house, like every other normal Saturday.  The boys were playing basketball on the driveway.  After 30 minutes or so, screaming began.  He rushed outside to see his son laying on the ground. 

One of the friends started telling the dad about the event that took place just before he dropped.  Apparently Adam was acting confused.  He stopped playing and started to sway. Then he said to his friends, “I don’t feel good”.  Then he fell to the ground.

The Dad immediately started CPR as his son was not breathing.  Shouting for someone to call 911, he continued until the EMS unit arrived.

After the EMS crew began to work with Adam, Dad still had hope Adam would be ok.   A few minutes passed when one of the EMTs turned to the dad.  “Sir, your son is gone.  Was he breathing when you started compressions?”  Dad stared at the man before he answered.  He told the EMTs what he saw when he came outside.  The friends also gave their accounts of their friend.

The other EMT asked if Adam had any recent health issues. Dad told them Adam had had a sports physical in July and was denied playing school sports. He recited the issues we noted in his physical, which I can not convey to you by HIPPA law. 

One EMT said his condition was similar to someone who may have had a cardiac event. Then he asked if Adam had taken the COVID vaccine. Dad knew at that point. His son did have a heart issue probably due to the vaccine. 

Dad said he was frozen, watching his son laying, lifeless, on the ground and no one in attendance could save him. 

According to Dad, Adam was not a sick child, young man. He seemed to be perfectly healthy to his parents. What they did not know, there was a deadly issue under his skin. 

After a few moments, I ask the Dad, “What can I do to help you?” He replied, “Not sure but we have to stop this.” I couldn’t agree more. 

We made a copy of the physical paperwork. I went over the topics we discussed that day and the reasons I noted that kept me from approving his son for sports. He asked questions and I answered the best I could. 

Can I prove the COVID vaccine caused this to happen to Adam? No, I can not. But I can give his Dad all the available information I have and pass along to an investigator and his attorney? Yes, this I can do. 

As I walked him outside, I gave him a card with my cell number. I felt helpless as he climbed into his truck and left. 

Since that day, we have spoken several times. I have given him information presented on the StudioHumanzee.com website. This is a comprehensive collection of COVID information you may not see or hear on network TV. Including the link I noted above. 

This story is real. Adam is gone. A life cut too short. His family is grieving. We have lost a talented young man. And this same situation is happening all over our nation, our world. 

This is criminal. This act against our people is criminal. The Pharmaceutical industry must be held accountable. Our government agencies involved in the pandemic rollout must be held accountable. Every governor, every state, every corporation and government agency that mandated the “vax” for you to work, go to school must be held accountable. And finally, the gain of function research that empowered the virus and spread must be held accountable.

SARES-CoV2 is a cold at best, a flu at its worst. We have medicines, cheap and available, that could have saved millions of lives. We have natural immunities that would have kept us safe and out of the hospitals. 

This was by design and we must NEVER forget that fact.

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