Show Notes: Episode 17.5 The Good The Bad The Ugly

the mighty humanzee
The Mighty Humanzee

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Closing the chapter on election night, we decided to a post mortem.  Notes and links are below.

After our Election Night Spaces Blue, John and I felt we needed to do a post mortem on all the developments, good, bad or otherwise.

The Holy Shit We Called It Category

John has been FAR out front predicting the evolution of the Ukrainian / Russian conflict.  On previous podcasts he has relayed that the NDAA has been update to anticipate a conflict in Taiwan.  Two front conflict, Pacific Theater and European Theater.

Based on our work in Rationed State, Orange and I have written a series of articles on how medical crisis is used to manipulate us.  RSV is the new COVID, and wouldn’t you know, there is an Amoxicillin shortage.  But don’t worry, Pfizer has a vax for prenatal mothers.  There is a pattern to all of this, and Orange ferreted it out.

Big Pharma has captured the media and medicine.  We here of cases of RSV in 6 and 7 years olds as well as the elderly.  This is not normal.  The media unquestioningly repeats “Crisis-crisis-crisis” without connecting the dots.

But don’t worry, Pfizer has a vaccine to save us, and the mothers have to take the injections during prenatal stages.  GrammnyPam Orange and I continue to monitor this.

And what triggered my rant was the loss of my state of Michigan to the groomers.  Here is there victory speech, saying that my alarm is actually hatred.  Imagine that.

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