What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits

To Overcome Election Fraud Dixon Needed Huge Margin

The Democrats used absentee ballots to steal the Michigan 2022 Election, but they were also aided by the establishment Republican Party. 

the mighty humanzee
By The Mighty Humanzee

While we knew that Gretchen Whitmer was evil incarnate – she ordered that we couldn’t’ worship, had to restrict numbers in our households and we couldn’t even plant gardens – it was hard to imagine that she and her sisters of the Trifecta would be re-elected.  Brazen lawfare and misuse of Michigan offices of Secretary of State gave us disaster after disaster that should have made voting these tyrants out of office a real no brainer.  But the MIGOP plan was to step back and let MAGA lose in order to discredit it. 

Amazingly Whitmer defeated Tudor Dixon by 10%.  I’ll state up front that the election was stolen; in fact, you have precincts not following election law blatantly when they failed to report the number of absentee ballots received by 9 PM.  Additionally voter rolls still retained the voting dead to the number of 26,000 as well as 114,000 who were no longer residents.  Mail out absentee ballots to those addresses and you have destroyed any chance of performing any chain of custody audit.  Benson knew this, and despite court order, did nothing.

But I’m not going to beat that horse to death, you can jump on Twitter for that.  Instead I want to discuss what tragic results we have garnered from the MIGOP performance.  I was a precinct delegate, a grass roots MAGA patriot who took matters into my own hands and jumped in the ring with many others who wanted to end the election fraud and oust Whitmer.  My precinct delegate origin story is here.

Whether on purpose or through sheer stupidity and incompetence on a galactic scale, the MIGOP has managed to hand the election over to the Andrew Cuomo management style governor who killed over 6000 in nursing homes by housing COVID patients in those faiclities.  Tudor Dixon is included in this distinction of MIGOP, as she shares much of the blame.  How do you lose to the person who lied about the length of COVID school closures and resided over billions in unemployment fraud?  The MIGOP did this on purpose.  It’s blatantly obvious. 

“It might be a healthy ass-kicking for the GOP to maybe do an assessment of where we are and what our state party is built to do,” said Jason Roe, a strategist and former executive director of the Michigan Republican Party.   “Is it built to tilt at windmills, or is it built to win elections? If it’s the former, then it’s gonna be a rough decade ahead of us.”

And here is the one of the many media pronouncements that MAGA is to blame because of hatred, just ignore 88,000 jobs lost due to Whitmer’s gross mismanagement:

Dixon won the primary after Ryan Kelly, strong front runner, was arrested by the FBI for a misdemeanor by standing near the Capitol grounds on Jan 6.  The night of his arrest I attended a precinct delegate planning function, and the establishment Republicans all bellered “Kelly is a felon, you will never elect a felon to be a governor, you need candidates who will win elections.”  Kelly was not a felon, he hadn’t even been convicted of a misdemeanor.  Amazing how seasoned professionals can’t think of how close HIllary, who committed felonies, came to being president.  Shortly thereafter Dixon received an endorsement from both Trump and the DeVoss family.  She won the primary.

Conventional wisdom told us that a Trump selected candidate was the sure pick; in fact, we had seen many races and primaries where the touch of Trump’s approval was considered a sign of future victory.  Many of us, myself included, were PISSED that Trump interfered, but since the DeVosses threw in with Dixon, you could assume that money would follow and the candidate would be supported.  The consolation was that since Dixon had MIGOP support, the party would step in and supply the money to get the job done.

As of October, money remained on the sidelines.  Since August YouTube, Hulu and other platforms carried only ads for Whitmer.  As detailed in this article from BridgeMI, the Republicans we’re waiting for a blitzkrieg of ads funded by 3 million dollars.

Those ads never came.  

I’m going to point out to you that Dixon ran a media company yet couldn’t get an intern to record her and post on social media on a regular basis.  Either she couldn’t think of that, and deserved to lose, or she listened to consultants and brand experts advising against that, and she deserved to lose.  But there was ZERO continuity of messages from Dixon and the MIGOP.  None.  They played to lose.  No number of door knocking, t-shirt slogans and bus stops could overcome the fact that the party and main candidate didn’t have a cohesive communication plan, reinforced with people on the ground.  As a delegate I was NEVER contacted by the Dixon team.  

The result is the Republicans and MAGA were destroyed in the election.  Republicans even lost a 40 year hold on the legislature.  And as this article says, MAGA is to blame.  MAGA is done in Michigan because of hatred and bigotry:

DePerno and Karamo were both virtual unknowns in 2020, when they became leading figures in Trump’s attempt to overturn his election loss.   That made them stars to grassroots delegates who dominated Michigan GOP endorsement and nominating conventions.

I’ll tell you the truth as someone who saw the operations as a precinct delegate:  the Republicans lost because they couldn’t talk about fraud and address Whitmer’s tyranny.  People who can’t face the truth and worry about perception are weak, and will lose.  But that was the plan.  You could argue that I don’t know for sure, but I will tell you that the result is the same:  MAGA, and by extension patriotism, is done in Michigan because of Dixon’s dismal candidacy and MIGOP actions.

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