about that Big Lie

Where is the World, we thought we knew?
By Orange

Good times from this 2016 clip and it’s not Donald Trump pointing his finger?!

wait – what?

Instead, it’s the Hag-Bag Hillary…?

How is this NOT a Headline in todays interconnected World?

In the last three years we’ve not just been conditioned in one way- but we were attacked, crafted to believe that thousands of little white lies can become just as effective as One Big Lie.

Especially from some of the most detestable POS CHicoms on the Planet, now wait for the screaming to ensue because regardless of what Political base you think you stand on – it’s about to erode itself.

IN the series that we’ve covered since August of this year, Rationed State- has an array of different topics & pruned thoughts brought to the surface and questioned by Normal, hardworking everyday men and women.

A series that took me back to become informed about the depths of War to the obvious meddling of a Global overtake on individuality and identity in various countries- affecting over millions of people.

Rationing42 occurred like a thief – affecting every one individual, how they live, think, eat, and breathe. Which in turn, is then guided into society as a question & answered most importantly by how it is defined & Who brings value to that definition. Experts- the media cried would be the “New Norm”.

So, you tell me- Are you feeling more informed than before Hillary’s so-called Epidemic? 

In the video she’s addressing politicians as well as anyone in public square- informing them that Fake News can have REAL WORLD Consequences. 

What does that mean?

By now it’s obvious was that it wasn’t Donald Trump who created the idea of Fake News-but if you’re new to the politics of the World or just started to take an interest into it- you’d probably heard of Donald Trump and more than likely have associated the idea that he was behind it in some form or another. Which leads me to the next actual culprit of Fake News and that the Asshole Himself, Barack Obama.

Really, in fact former Fox News Anchor Greta Van Sustere wrote an article for the Los Angeles Times all about the Fake Bullshit from the Obama Administration from 2016 that clearly defined that the so called Free-Press rejected being honest based on the issues of sourcing, context and little to no-fact checking.  That being said, lets reasonably understand that the only thing Donald j Trump did actually inherit wasn’t just the mess of the prior administration but as well as the so-called Fake Media Goons that where the actual hired hands if Conspiracies and crisis actors. 

Now that we have that Otta the way now we can move forward to what are we seeing today in 2022 with the media even after they were granted access to terrorizing Americans over a Planned Crisis that we didn’t just see over covid but most importantly over the 2020 Election and January 6th.  

The illusion of the Big Lie has been worked over and over again by both Parties and Media. The Media – who carries the message- no longer caring whether Americans have the actual facts or not- is today, irrelevant. You know why? Because Americans accepted their leaders’ actions based on a virus. It’s terrible really and I think that any day now I’m going to start working in a Liberal Art Institute because I keep blaming an innocent virus over the stupidity of people- who’ve shown us for the last Decade that they truly do not understand the difference between Liberty or Freedom. No matter how many times Rush Limbaugh spoke freely based on it. And truly that is a thought in and of itself if you really fathomed how absolutely Liberating that point is. Rush got it- he ran the damn ball and rejected giving up regardless of privacy issues, cancer or others’ opinions primally those in opposition to his.

If anything, this video of Hilly Hagg should be archived to remind you of what a Real-World Loser on a Global level looks like. Call it Russia, call it whatever the hell the Media tells you. Me, I call it, she knew all along Americans in 2016 were going to die and you know how I know- because only Losers want to harm innocent lives and we saw it not with one situation but a variety of them and this woman while being paid to WATCH it happen.

Today its 2022 and we are watching a curtain be drawn back to the reality of allowing these people more power than ever before. Joe Biden is literally being treated like the infant he is and it’s numbing the voices of everyday Americans- whose only desire is to work hard and enjoy the ride of getting older. 

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