Gun Grab

Biden calls on Legislators to introduce New procedures to End Gun Violence

On the 10th year anniversary of Sandy Hook- Joe Biden believed that it was a moment to assert that Gun Control works in United States. Only Problem is that he wants to damage the reputation of Lawful Gun Ownership verses the Habitual Offenders that many Blue States allowed out of Prisons under Covid.


For years and years, Progressive Democrats and some Independant’s have formed their own interpretative ideas and with force- perused the Language of a Free but mre importantly a Secured State and what that looks like. The media has been allowed year after year to accommodate the dangers of possible violence and mainly with a gun verses any other object- whether it be drugs, vehicles or even in Woke Mobs like Antifa- they all get a free pass compared to..Oh what’s his name again? Oh yeah- Kyle!

Regardless- the Biden Administration equipped with pushing the narrative from the Ugly Shannon Watts- who has gained a kind of Celebrity dome on Liberal Media Platform’s for Utilizing her goals of Moms Demand Action- charging Capital Buildings around the USA and demand that Reform happens because of their suggestive insecurities. The craziest part of it is that none of them actually live in the States they’re demanding action in.

Now we are entering a New Form of undertaking in States like Oregon and Michigan. To give you the idea- Michigan House Democrats Released this Statement from Jeffery Pepper, who introduced a Ghost Gun ban back in June of this Year. 

But how does Oregon play a role into this and how do we know for sure that our Very own Representatives would allow such things to be implemented on the State Population? Well- they’d absolutely do it without them knowing like for instance, in the State of Michigan this year- the DNR began a program that required Licensed Hunters to report back to the State of the animal they took, where and in some Zones- how & what bore size was used. 

Now how do they know this is actually effective? Well- in a State named Oregon. 

Measure 114 passed with 50.65% of the vote last month. It bans ammunition magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds and mandates the creation of a permit-to-purchase system that includes fingerprinting and hands-on firearm training from an instructor who has been certified by law enforcement. The permits can cost up to $65 under the measure and last for five years with a new background check required for each gun purchase. How in the Hell did they Implement this? Thru the very same tactics that we are currently seen ran in the State of Michigan. 

Recognizing the similarities led me to a Conversation with DK @dkdk459 – who Zee and I invited to share his story on the Podcast a month ago called Family Tradition speaking out about the Farmlands throughout the State of Oregon and how they’ve been bought up by greedy – Son of a Bitches thru the Government. 

So- when I started overhearing the quiet conversations, I reached out an Asked DK about this situation and he summed this up beautifully; “I’ve come to the conclusion that there are no peaceful solutions. Honest ppl must be seated at the table for peaceful solutions to happen. When there are only crooked power greedy subhuman fcks … that options out the window”.  – 

The truth of these matters is that the proof is in the Pudding and that a Power hangry Government wants to reduce violence in the name of ensuring that you have zero way to defend yourself nor the life you choose to live. 

Now if that wasn’t the case- an Americans truly could trust their current branches of Legislator and Executive- then why are such Resources like the DNR – not required to be overseen just based on the possibility of abuse? Isn’t that kind of a Sham for folks like the Blue State-*Gone Green* Weirdos & Freaks -who are everyday trying to Save the Planet from their own half made up Cow Fart Conspiracies?

Most importantly and in closing- it is absolutely vital that Americans stay vigilant and aware of their current State Bills and Policies to ensure that what is defined as a Constitutional Free State.


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