4 more years of Failure, Promised.

We just haven't ingested enough of Ugly Gretch... She is now Officially Governer of Michigan for a Second term And more powerful than eva before..

This photo is from the Metro Times. 2 years ago, when the Media was asserting that this Wench was a possible candidate for VP for Joe Bidens Presidental run. 

Today, Joe Biden (Not My President) is President and Whitmer was just reelected to her second term as Governer in Michigan. 

These Two Fat Zero’s or what I like to call them, Losers- are now fully equipped to do as they please without any accountability- acknowledging that our Republicans on both the Federal and State level have gone belly up.  

But before I lose my shit on the current Cluster of Warped Space Midgets in High Places, let’s do some Fact Checking on that Bitch from Michigan and what her future is for Michiganders. 

On January 1st of 2018 Whitmer took center stage to thank and allude that she had the ability to work across the aisle with anyone. Pretty much what she still peddles to this day- which is still her reoccurring attempt to look the part when it comes to bipartisanship. Which without Chyna Virus we’d never be able to call her the actual Witch of the North. 

2018 led a storm of implied support for “that Bitch in Michigan” behind the idea of fixing the Damn Roads. The funnier aspect of this Fact Checking is hidden even in the very Civil Engineers Society that she claimed was taking a record of the State’s infrastructure. Since Whitmer has been in Office this same watch dog is today claiming that Michigan’s roads, bridges and grids have been magically updated to receive a Grade of C- from a D- that was present during the time she came in.  The problem?

In the State, many Michiganders can openly admit- including the Unions – that the infrastructure hasn’t been updated. In fact, Grand Rapids Public school is closed today, January 4th based on a power outage. How can the score be higher today when we have Public Institutions, the suggestive Bedrock of leading Democrats Yack ups be closed because of power issues? That doesn’t scream “Pathway to success” does it?

 Reapplying the trend that is a continued circle jerk in this State that grabs attention, she asserted in her New Term goals was: Common Sense Gun Laws. 

She believes that passing Legislation to curb violence. No different than the assisted vehicle she used to shuffle in the Idea that distracted driving kills more kids than guns. Yet- you probably don’t remember that tid bit of information she slipped in there from 2018 speech. Car crashes are the number one killer of our young people .

Oh wait- in the last Podcast with Lord Zee – we mentioned how a certain congress member used suggestive Poll data to imply that it’s not really poor roads, distracted driving or the opioid crisis killing young Michigan kids… it’s actually the guns today in 2023. (Yet they forgot that 90% of families where at home from the latter of 2019-into 2021.)

In closing of Whitmer’s short and moronic success of reelection speech her goals are plain:

“Our task is clear: focus on the fundamentals, work together, and get things done.

So, let’s talk about those fundamentals. What are we going to do over the next 4 years? I will have a lot more to say in my upcoming State of the State and budget addresses.”

Just kidding- really… she doesn’t have any interest in speaking, working or contributing anything for Michiganders unless it favors a crisis that they can gain more ways to finically cripple, create dependence or turn kids gay in your communities with a drag queen on every corner. This is the 2023 road map of Whitmer and her dogs to finish the job of completely destroying a once Great State.

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