Cultural Courage

Ottawa County Throws COVID Cult And Returns to Principles of Liberty

“It is usually futile to try to talk facts and analysis to people who are enjoying a sense of moral superiority in their ignorance.”

—Thomas Sowell

the mighty humanzee
By The Mighty Humanzee

Ottawa County has found their voice and expressed their principles by rejecting the leftist vocabulary and electing county board members who seek liberty.

In Michigan, the major losses of conservatives at the state level indicated a shift in state politics.  Republican lost control of both state senate and house legislatures, and with Whitmer’s schilacking of Tudor Dixon, blue leftist culture cemented a firm hold.

You wouldn’t think that liberty minded politicians like John Gibbs, pictured above would have a chance.  Yesterday Orange forwarded to me an article with a surprising piece of news.  Newly elected county commissioners appointed MAGA candidate John Gibbs as county administrator.  Heads are exploding as this violates protocols newly discovered by the liberal media that were somehow ignored when Representative Talib won the Dearborn district while not actually residing full time in that region.  The county commissioners ended the diversity equity program, closed the Equity office, closed the Equity Office’s website, and renamed the marketing tagline of Ottawa county from “Where You Belong” to “Where Freedom Rings.”  Amazingly enough the BridgeMI article cries about diversity while claiming that John Gibbs, an African American, will destroy progress.

More heads are exploding, and this is the truly delicious part:  Ottawa County has appointed a licensed industrial hygienist to the position of county health director.  Nathaniel Kelly has been a vocal critic about COVID lock downs, the efficacy of vaccines, and the futility of masks.  As an industrial hygienist, Kelly is licensed to certification air quality in manufacturing environments.  In other words, the masks and respiratory equipment used while coating steel parts with paints require certification by a professional trained in air quality.  Many industrial hygienists have rightfully claimed that they masks and respirators – starting at P-100 and above – are the equipment that will block airborne particles the size of the Corona virus.

Yet this is of grave concern, as the bureaucrats believe that communication with state agencies is the primary qualifier for assessing whether we are able to move about during a pandemic.  These articles I have cited demonstrate the level of attacks the media is willing carry out as mainstream media apparatchiks for the state.  Yes, I use the Soviet term apparatchik as the media is acting as a state propaganda agent, ensuring that any opposition to policies is attacked.

At the conference, Kelly said he would have “led from the front” and hold “mass trainings” as the state health director during the pandemic. He claimed without evidence that mask wearing and social distancing don’t help reduce the transmission of COVID-19. He denied asymptomatic people could spread the virus, despite scientific evidence proving otherwise.

References in those articles refer to CDC materials that have been disproven in recent months.  In particular, more vaccine facts are being revealed as  we have observed that the mRNA destroys the immune system in favor of alteration for strains of COVID.

You need to ask yourself “what are the principles that got me here, what has worked?”  In our culture today we are admonished to have NO confidence in our past.  Nope.  We are to bow to central authorities who will tell you what words to use.  “Where Freedom Rings” is not allowed.  Cultural Courage is what Ottawa County has demonstrated.  We need that, desperately.  They had no problem dismantling the Equity and Diversity Office, did it on DAY ONE.  That’s being strident, that is being confident.  Liberty, and life for that matter, is a contact sport.  When you apologize when there is no need, when you enshrine principles of shame in your local government with useless intersectional institutions, you have given up on liberty.  You have laid the foundation for you culture’s demise.

What culture of tolerance has ever repelled a culture of intolerance?  The left plays both sides against the middle, yet never apologizes to you over their hypocritical actions, for their own inferior ability.  They certainly didn’t apologize for the lockdowns.

You shouldn’t apologize for abolishing institutions.  Cultivate Cultural Courage, get your balls back, it will feel good and we’ll thrive.



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