Hiding in Plain Sight

Rebuilding Michigan, Together Forward. You Won’t Notice, You Won’t Have A Choice

We think we need to watch what our politicians say and do, but in reality they hand over the dirty work to third parties, a “third way” scam to slowly work their agenda.  We must rebuild our entire infrastructure, but to their specifications.

the mighty humanzee
By The Mighty Humanzee

To the left I selected a poster from the Soviet Union, a campaign to rebuild Soviet industry.  The parallels are striking to what we are going through today.  Translated the post reads “Communism means soviets, plus the electrification of the whole country. Let us transform the USSR through socialist industrialization” (1930).  

Electric Vehicles also require a new “electrification” and are at the core of the left, the climate change cult, and the World Economic Forum.


When our esteemed “leaders” announce that only they, with their expertise, should be coronated … scratch that.  When our politicians claim only they have qualifications for running for office because they have a plan, understand civics, industrial and urban planning, we nod our heads and vote them in.  But what do we say when they turn around and this farm out those very decisions that they just told us only they can solve?  Do we even say anything, do we even notice?

They do this in plain sight.  They are applauded for it, they pat themselves on the back for being smart enough to hire the right consultants.  Case in point, the Michigan Economic Development Corporation.  Haven’t heard of it?  I hadn’t either, but rumor has it they are the only ones who can propel Michigan into the future, attract industry and create jobs. 

That’s their charter, and we the taxpayers are paying $100 million dollars a year to deliver, well, we can’t say just yet, the issue is too complex to examine the results.  Nope, an improved economy that replaced 82,000 jobs lost to COVID is the wrong report card.  Trust that they are the smart consultants, not ones who waste money, that’s all you need.


Davos was a great party, Gretchen delivered a rousing speech about the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and the plan to progress forward, together.  Together, FORWARD!  

In our version of the coming EV revolution we have appointed the MEDC to attract jobs and industry to Michigan.  The politicians are too busy hiding from us in order to do what they promised so they went the “third way” route ala Bill Clinton with a public / private partnership.  A 4 year contract has been awarded to a company of 360 people to do what Michigan had done on its own 100 years ago without government.  Build industry.  The CEO of this public / private entity one of the best.

[Messer] He recently was named one of the 2021 North America Top 50 Economic Developers by Consultant Connect, an organization that connects economic developers to business site consultants. It is part of Southwest Michigan First.

That’s a relief.  We must have a detailed plan from them on how our tax dollars will be spent.  

Details on the terms of the contract  — including pay — were not disclosed to Bridge on Tuesday. However, the MEDC said on Wednesday that Messer’s new base pay will be $325,000 per year when he finalizes the deal.

Note that pay scales and details have not been released.  What do the 360 people do?  They are economic developers.  Never heard of it?  Neither have I.  It sounds like they talk to businesses and try to get them to relocate to Michigan.  Don’t websites and Google do that in a sense?  I don’t know, economy developers are specialists.  It seems the MEDC employees  are brokers of some sort and through their services on their website they’ll connect you to suppliers and other resources for supply chain needs.

Here is the leadership roster with titles like Senior VP, Regional Prosperity, Senior VP of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity Officer, Chief Real Estate and Global Attraction Officer, and finally, Chief Operating and Custom Experience Officer.  Go to the page and take a look, then tell me what most of these people really do.  Last time I checked an entrepreneur didn’t need a Senior VP to tell him or her what to do.  And what entrepreneur you’ve ever met needed a title like Senior VP?

But we don’t understand, we need leadership.  Messer has that in spades, worth the base salary.  

“He is a magnet,” Sones said. “He provides clarity, energy and the motivation to continue to compete.”

But is that what Gretch promised she would be?  

Let me ask you something.  If a company is large enough to consider locating in Michigan wouldn’t they already know who the players are in their own industry, particularly if they are in manufacturing, a mature sector of our economy?

Do you see what’s happening here?  Not only are we wasting tax dollars on attracting jobs, our government is acting the arbiter of what industries will be allowed to flourish.  These will be GREEN jobs.  This will be the new manufacturing, based on sustainable principles which mean what we currently have must be torn out, it’s no good.  Don’t believe me, look at the WEF plan for Michigan it has its own web page.

Hiding in plain view we have a third party, beyond our oversight, carrying out Gretchen’s Whitmer’s wishes, and those desires come from the World Economic Forum.  EVs.  We don’t have a choice, because they’ll use regulations to keep out viable businesses.  They will use regulations and state legal action to turn of Line 5 and natural gas, they’ve already shut down coal.  This big dream of electrification needs a grid, they’re funneling money to useless windmills.  

When will the MEDC report their results to us?  When have they?  They are taking your ability to shape your own communities and lives and placing them in the hands of experts who have titles that require a new lexicon to understand what they even do.  If you kept your money you could rebuild your own communities as you see fit.  Instead you give it to self appointed experts who think they can rebuild your entire way of life.  

That’s the ominous part of what is right in plain view.  

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