Show Notes: BEL Episode 26

the mighty humanzee
By The Mighty Humanzee

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This episode has a definite flavor.  Hint:  think take out and Ping from that Seinfeld episode.

Shout Outs

DK – @DKDK549 Gun Grab Podcast coming out soon

Thursday 1/26/2023 – premiering our political commentary OZBert.

Catch our AI experiment on We Broke the AI.

Charity of the month

Faith Hope & Love Animal Rescue NC –


Brandon’s Garage

Why is Hunter Biden recommending an aide to assist with classified documents?  And check out Humper in The Big Guy’s Corvette with his “nieces”.  This aide is named Kathy Chung.

Why can’t I find pictures of Kathy Chung?

Kathy Chung was recommended by Humper to handle classified documents, why can’t I find a photo of her?

John brings Special Agent McGonigal Scandal to our attention

A disciple of James Comey, lead investigator of Russia Gate tools funds to promote for the Russians.


Elon – Remember Elvis Chan?

Elvis Chan was the FBI agent assigned to Twitter.  Can we see why FBI has to be stopped?


The Bots Are Attaching Themselves to Zee Like Barnacles

I know I’m hot and stuff, but soooo many sexbots and Chinese bots have started following me.

No The Twitter Suspensions Have NOT Stopped

The Quartering posted a screenshot of Elon’s buddy Eliza Blue from a public video on YouTube.  Elisa has recently been elevated by Elon.  Twitter has others who now run prominent spaces as “citizen” journalists.

The Quartering appealed, was restored, the less than 12 hours later locked.  He has 240,000 followers, twitter was his main line to reach people for sales business.  We’re letting Elon pick our champions of free speech. 

China Population Rate 1.21

This is not the Population Bomb that Davos and the World Economic Forum keep screaming about.  China will experience what happened in Japan, where they do not have enough in the managerial classes to manage society.  You need 2.2 Population Rate to MAINTAIN your population.  12 Billion in just 5 years?  Not happening.

AI:  Chat GPT just passed medical exam.

Fairfax County

The Mighty Humanzee Rule of Engagement #1:  Favor Ability Over Pedigree

The Mighty Humanzee Rule of Engagement #2:  Be so good at what you do they can’t help BUT notice you

What Fairfax County paid for diversity consultant:

“…the district paid an equity consultant $450,000 to ensure ‘equal outcomes no matter what, even if it means treating some students purposefully unequally.'”

Administration members who are involved are Daniel Smith, of Loudon County, Michelle Reid, of Fairfax County, and LaTanya McDade, of Prince William County

National Merit Statistics:

The National Merit awards are only given to 50,000 of 1.5million high schoolers who score well on the PSATS – and can help students compete for scholarships, honors accolades, and college admissions.

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