Show Notes: BEL Episode 27

the mighty humanzee
By The Mighty Humanzee

Listen to Episode #27 here

Damar Hamlin joins us for Trannies on Ice!


Pfizer Directed Evolution T-Shirt at – design by Impenitent2A
OZ Fest: Gun Grab On the Oregon Trail
Fantastic Article by O on Natural Law

Charity of the Month

Shout Outs

Teri Schiavelo – thanks for all the support and retweets.
@dkdk459 for joining O and I on Gun Grab on the Oregon Trail

OZBert – New meme – Who is the Eggman?


Trannies On Ice


Last year we needed coal, now we don’t,

Twitter Files

Dave Rubin visits Twitter

Hamilton 68 from The Federalist

Joe and Jeanne Pierre Said 6 BLOCKS


Ghost George Floyd Diversity Present or Diversity Past

Memphis police offices charged with Tyre Nichols Death

Miami River Cops  Scandal, beware who you hire in a pinch.

Raising Social Security Age to 75

Damar Hamlin’s Appearance at Stadium

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