The Obama Infection

The agency that has lied about COVID and treatments has been lying about gun violenc.

Despite bias detected in the late 1990s, the CDC has continued to study gun violence, with a boost from an executive order from President Obama.  What do you think the results have been.

the mighty humanzee
By The Mighty Humanzee

The title of this article is a play on words, and for those of you who are familiar with Alex Jones and his documentaries you would be right in accusing of playing with his film title The Obama Deception.  It’s a great documentary, I suggest you watch at some point, it will scare the hell out you how accurate Jones had things even back in 2008.  


My title The Obama Infection has another meaning, and that is his initiatives ordering the  CDC track gun violence with the reasoning being that violence is contagious and some be treated like a disease.  Literally violence spreads like a disease.  The irony works on many levels here.  In our upcoming podcast Gun Grab On the Oregon Trail Part 2, our co-host DK brought the CDC Research to our attention. 

Buckle up as there will be many ironies that we’ll discover through what we’re about to learn.  

Back in 2013 President Obama ordered the CDC to begin a study on gun violence and possible measures of prevention.  This was in response to the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook.  Other agencies in law enforcement already collected firearm incident and death statistics, and while the meager rationtionale was that violence was contagious, the CDC sallied forth under the premise that a new approach would yield constructive results to what was perceived as a growing crisis.  

This isn’t the first time the CDC had undertaken such a task.  In the 1990s a similar effort was launched, but it was shelved after it was discovered that the research was extremely biased.  The CDC neglected to include studies that contradicted their agenda.  For example a study in North Carolina concluded that most fatal handgun crimes were committed by felons.  Felons would not seek legal means to acquire guns.

With statements such by CDC researchers prompted Congress to end the research in 1997.  One such statement was:

“We’re going to systematically build the case that owning firearms causes deaths.” Another researcher said he envisioned a long-term campaign “to convince Americans that guns are, first and foremost, a public health menace.”

In yet another unsurprising revelation, the CDC has occluded more information from their studies on gun violence.  They have removed data favorable to gun ownership.  Again, this is one of many times the CDC has been selective with the information that runs contrary to their agenda.

One thing to also note is that the CDC is collecting data on nonfatal incidents.  This is called funded surveillance, in their own parlance.  Surfing to the page you would be surprised to find that they are not using crime statistics from law enforcement, but from local health departments.  How can this information be of use as it must be reported by law enforcement to the health departments?  Thinking further, what other data would the health departments be supplying above and beyond the crimes stats?  Maybe from hospitals and injuries, but what use is this?  The CDC itself admits that the data collected is limited.

The right to self defense is not determined by a statistic, just like the right to not take an experimental vaccine is also not determined by a statistic.  It is an individual’s choice, it is an exercise in Natural Law, it is the exercise of your own sovereignty of your mind.  

What irony it is that the same organization who has concealed statistics and or omitted statistics regarding gun use in crime and self defense in order to create a narrative and shape decisions is the same agency who refused to publish information regarding the mRNA vaccines.  Clearly they don’t believe in honesty, because they want to paint a picture that forces your decision by removing facts from the discussion. 

What does that say about how the CDC views your freedom of choice and the right to exercise your own judgment?  And how bitterly ironic it is that the CDC has lied yet again about infections, whether COVID or the supposed contagious nature of gun violence.

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