Nessel loves defeat….

April of 2019-

“I respect the Governor’s effort to find a swift and straightforward resolution to this issue, but if unsuccessful I will use every resource available to our office to shut down Line 5 to protect our Great Lakes.”

BY Orange

Good Ol’Natty Nessel, haven’t you missed her? She is again back in court and this time trying to once again wash out Line 5 with her Environmental Hat on.  

It’s a no brainer that she’d be back like the last two or maybe it was three times she’s been in court to pursue an actual valid argument against the Enbridge Giant of Candain oil. I mean- it’s one thing to say you’re a hater on oil companies when it comes to protecting the Environment- it’s definitely something else when you have to interject that the very people who you say you “represent” – work to ensure they freeze thru the cold Northern winters in Michigan. Yet- isn’t that so Nessel? I mean- just look at her lucrative scheming when it came to the Midland flood. Ensuring that “mussels mattered more” because they’re fresh water. She pretended so well to protect those little shelled creatures just long enough for deadlines to occur and then – BAM- a massive flood killed not only the mussels but the actual community. 

This is the Executive Branch in Michigan. Go on any social media platform and you will get your fill on bot love for these wenches – I mean they claim that these hags saved them from Wuhan Batflu! 

Repulsive, aren’t they? I know, I want to vomit looking at this photo-too..

As always-Dana Closed her year stating this on her AG Webpage back in 2019:

Real-world events have shown me we can’t wait another five to ten years for Enbridge to build a tunnel.  *We cannot prevent accidental or emergency* anchor deployments in one of the busiest shipping channels in the Great Lakes.  And it only takes one such incident to cause an environmental and economic catastrophe.  That is a risk no one should be willing to take.” 

This statement was made in June of 2019- by May of 2020- Midland Michigan was under water.  Zee and I did a podcast in June of last year on this very disaster and clearly defining how BAD Dana was for Michigan because we knew that the Primaries where right around the corner.

 Now I have to say this-

Why would we, as Michiganders and Americans ever accept the belief that people like Dana Nessel have the right to use our voices when their record on the docket clearly illustrates real incompetence, real hatred and a lot of inconsistency when it comes to a necessity like heating our homes? 

I know that people are asking themselves this every single day when they turn on the tube in the evening and hear the latest digestive track come out from the Mainstream media’s asshole. It’s like Clockwork for them and that’s exactly why Dana Nessel believes that it is her job to make you think that your dependency should be in the Government. Read that again- they believe YOU, who pays them to heat their homes, should depend on them.

Dana loves ensuring that tax dollars are used to benefit her ideas, no different than the Hijacked Farm situation flowing thru the USA still to this day, in which the Clinton Foundation poured American dollars and cents into helping you believe that they can save the Urban family. The exact same idea that You, as an American- should have cake and eat it and never be seen as a fat-ass in Society.  And because it is 2023 this is referenced as “healthy” because having a bad body image is unhealthy. 

These rogue arguments made by this witch, which was handed down by the demon spawn herself, G.E. Whitmer(Jesus, it just gets worse), creates the language that the State has the ability to fight the Fed on behalf of you and for you because they’re saying- these people want clean drinking water… umm.. 

Please pay no attention to Flint, Benton Harbor or the sandbags in the corner that is marked as contaminated Ohio Soil, your Honor, yes, we do love these common thinking people… ”   ahem says the Executive Spawns

So, what is Dana Planning to do?

Well, first she has to cull her witches back to the table because the funds are extremely exhausted based not only on her own stupidity but the fact that she has given up the fight for the actual change she and Whitlach demanded. The last case she tried to pull off against Enbridge- Whitmer asked for it to be dismissed- yes- it was that sad and lonely out there. 

Next- she’ll probably have to find a valid reason to be in court and have the case heard. She hasn’t done that yet- and I am not being casual or funny about it, this is why it has taken her a literal term to get herself educated on Michigan Law and Federal Law. She thinks she’s that much of a miracle but trust me… Good Lawyers do not become Political Cheerleaders for the Environment- am I right?!

And lastly, she is going to have to find some sad university students -who demand student loan debt forgiveness prior to now change their plead outside of the Sixth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals to show face and glue themselves thru the Michigan snow, rain and sleet so the media can have enough to talk about thru the week for Michiganders.

Yet, that’s just a snippet of Dana in her usual Wack-job tone. Just as expected and like all Liberal Progressives, they never let a good tragedy go to waste.  That being said, of course she would make the jump onto joining in and signing onto the petition that asserts how absolutely insane it is to transport any kind of liquid by rail in 2023. 

Dana’s comments on the situation, (which is just good exercise for her soon to be apealment process) is: 

Shipping liquefied natural gas by rail has not been proven safe for communities along the train’s routes,” said Nessel. “There have already been more than a dozen derailments this year of trains carrying hazardous materials, which illustrates the danger of transporting these chemicals by rail.” 

Yet-Dana fails again even on that asserted point. I mean – it sounds and looks great on paper-but she knows that her own constituents even the same ones who voted for the Loser, Whitmer, fail to recall and even recognize the reality of THEIR CHOICES FOR YOU, on your behalf.  Take for instance this budget proposal G.E. Bitchmer just came out in design with for Michigan in 2023. 

Looks great on paper, promising for Michigan’s future even in terms of going Green. The funny thing is that not one of these things will happen unless something tragic does. And what I mean is that in order for this collective to actually take place and pay to show effort- another ritual tragedy must take place because there has to be enough “economic impact” to change the scene. 

What I mean is this- Remember back thru covid 19 and Whitmer came out with this grand idea called the “Frontline Workers” – this program was a 24-million-dollar investment which was extended, to ensuring that people who had a high school diplomas, could go back to school and further their education without breaking the bank which in turn would help keep the economy in Michigan stable. 

The fun part is that almost every Union in the State jumped at this incentive. The glorious aspect is the fact that Dana Nessel is not only ushering this idea in as her “stance in court” but is actually fighting the very Executive Action the Governer said was to “help the people of Michigan and grow the Economy “- which includes not only our blessed Petroleum Providers but also the rail systems in the State. 

 Just have a look for it yourselves.  And if you are one of the victims in the State that recently endured 6 days without power just realize- Whitmer along with her bedside lesbians did make sure that while the lights where off at your home they made more dimes and nickels for their pockets and their children’s future, while you scraped by and suffered the cold. 

Seriously… Never let a Real Scam go to waste… it’s not tragedy if they can fill their pockets on your “know better but I voted for it anyway”- justification. , which

So, in closing this out- I really want you, Michigan and those watching and paying attention to understand that there are no real freak accidents like this- that just naturally occur. Everyone- from the bottom to the top have absolutely invested the most time to quietly grab up your economy by the pussy to ensure that your world, your state, your schools and the Government allows Zero breathing room so that your life collapses along with any kind of believe for its future.

Zee and I have sent this Bat Warning out over and over again-AMERICA, it’s time to really Wake THE FUCK UP. 

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