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Please note:  this a guide and you should seek out the advice the professionals listed in this article as well as your doctor.  This article is provided by a surgeon who has devoted himself to general practice.

the mighty humanzee
By The Mighty Humanzee

Just a quick note to the Humanzee Tribe. 

Joe here. I wanted to give you a few suggestions to maybe help you or your loved ones who have side effects from covid or have taken the covid ”vaccine”. I apologize for not doing this earlier. My investigative work on covid/vaccine injuries with several groups have kept me busy.

The main goal is to help you progress through your medical issues and prepare your information in case any legal action is needed in the future. Pam and I attended a medical legal conference last weekend and have some suggestions for you to use. More will be coming next week regarding the conference. 

First, your health. 

There are several sites that have valuable information on possible detoxing of the spike proteins and other injuries that have occurred due to experiencing covid and/or taking the covid “vaccine”. They also have a listing of vitamins and supplements the independent medical community have found to be vital to your everyday health. 

Please consider taking Vitamins C, D with K, Zink, Omega 3-6-9, Magnesium, Aspirin or Nattokinase for blood clots and Melatonin 5 or 7 for sleep aid if needed. If you have a good relationship with your doctor, ask for Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine for daily or weekly use. 

Pam and I take all of the suggested vitamins and supplements including Hydroxychloroquine daily. 

https://www.twc.health/ Dr. Peter McCullough’s site 

https://drstellamd.com/ Dr. Stella Immanuel’s site 

https://covid19criticalcare.com/treatment-protocols/ FLCCC Alliance site 

I have reviewed the above sites and feel they have the most comprehensive information regarding protocols for treatment of covid/vaccine injuries. Their sites also offer medical recommendations and treatments through a network of doctors licensed in various states. If you need independent medical care not available in your area, please check their sites for a doctor in your state. Although I am practicing general medicine today, I am a surgeon and not an immunologist or a virologist. I bow to the independent experts. 

I recommend cleaning your diet as much as possible. Food industries use many hormones and pesticides in the processing of their foods. Even if you can not afford a completely organic diet, consider eating more fresh vegetables and fruits. Better choice in meats would be chicken, fish and seafood over beef and pork. If you want a steak, have it, just not every night. Reduce your white sugar and corn syrup intake. Drink more water instead of soda or sweetened drinks.

Easy to say, hard to do. I will concede, I still have coffee every morning and will continue to do so. I will have a Dr. Pepper once in a while and I love different types of beer so that is a hard one for me. When Pam is in the baking zone, I will have a small taste. Fast food is a health killer, avoid it when you can. It is hard to completely rid your diet of bad foods but by cutting back as much as you can, your overall health will improve. 

Increase your physical activity. Take a walk, ride a bike, play in the yard with the kids and grandkids. Outdoor exposure is a must if you can. Fresh air, depending where you are located, is vital. If you are unable to do much physical activity, google chair yoga and chair exercises. There are many exercises you can do from a desk chair or your sofa. These suggestions will help your cardiovascular, muscular and immune systems. 

I do 3 workouts a week, yoga and stretching exercises every day. Too many jumps back in my military days have left me with old man stiffness syndrome. Find the time to do some exercises a few times a week, if not everyday. 

A few suggestions if you are seeing medical personnel regarding ANY injuries you feel are related to covid or the “vaccine”, please take the following suggestions to heart and protect yourself in case you decide to pursue any legal action, regardless of the defendants. 

Keep a journal. This can be a folder with paper, a ring binder or a composition book. Just make sure all paperwork is kept together. 

In said journal, 

List the dates, batch numbers and producer of any vaccine you have taken. This should be on the vaccine card you were given at the time of injection 

List all symptoms with dates of occurrence 

List all doctor appointments, in order if possible. Allow 1-3 pages for all information regarding that appointment only. Also add any thoughts you have about the visits. If the tech, nurse, doctor made comments that were dismissive, add that as well. This information may be vital if any legal action happens in the future. Keep the information for each appointment separate. This is key to building a case if needed. 

List all testing whether it was basic labs or more controlled testing such as ultrasounds, CT-scans, etc. on the individual appointment page. Keeping this information together with the originating appointments is also critical. 

List all medicines, including any supplements that were suggested for you to take. 

If you have access to your electronic medical records, download and print any and all notes, summary of care, diagnosis, treatment plans and add them to your journal.

If any treatment and medications are prescribed, make detailed notes about any adverse reactions. If you are given medicine and you have side effects, right them down. Sometimes these issues are not the direct cause from the meds but negative interaction with your current symptoms and root problem. 

If a visit to your medical professionals leaves you in more pain or increase in injuries, document in your journal and find another source. If for ANY reason you feel pressured to try “new” or “newly updated” medication, please do not make that decision without first doing some investigation on your own. Do not continue with medical care blindly. At this point, it is better to be safe than commit to another unproven treatment. 

One last thought. If you follow a religion, no matter which denomination, please practice! Sometimes faith in God is all we need to pull us out of the darkness. Daily prayer, a conversation with your God, can change your life. If you ask for guidance, listen for the answer, then obey. 

I hope these suggestions will help you and your loved ones. As more information becomes available, I will provide updates.

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