Severed Conscience

We as a Society have been driven to Fear.

Not to question, instead to follow the narrative and report back to the institution that wants to inform you on whether you are conscious or unconscious to what surrounds you.

By Orange
severed conscience

The hypothesis of this series that Zee, Kelly and I have immersed ourselves into since December has taken us to a new dimension of seeing past the paper cutouts of symbolism and superstition. It has led us to ask ourselves why the hell are we so hypnotized by this loud network that is surrounding us?

In a very odd way, we have accepted a form of behavior in which a new standard that is established in the events of Covid19, 9/11 and other forms of engagement have reigned terror onto us not only as a group but as individuals. Withering away streets of once joyous outcries and flowered mailboxes. Our American standard that we once believed in and called a stamp of our own is now slowly fading into something that no longer represents a people, let alone a society that I grew up in as a child to love and admire.

Through this series first, we have definitions that you will hear us talk about in order to come to an understanding of what we are seeing. This is a sole interpretation of how we view what we see happening and being installed in our daily lives. This is mainly based on open admittance and as a volunteered position and with that information we share is intended not to only support our efforts of discovering the truth behind the curtain but ultimately to help wake people from this slumber. 

To that, Definitions are as follows: 

Conscience: “Our Moral Compass” Right verse Wrong, how we choose to function in a growing Society when it comes to obeying laws, making judgements about ourselves and careers.

Consciousness: A self-awareness that I am me, self, inner dialog.

Sub-Conscience: the part of the mind which is inaccessible to the conscious mind, but which affects behavior and emotions.

Severed Conscience: a stunted state of mind, conditioned in which the individual no longer has the inner Moral dialog that allows them to respond to decision making which can lead to severe cases of manipulation. 

severed conscience

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