Show Notes: BEL #48 – Coup Coup Cachoo Mr Putin

the mighty humanzee
The Mighty Humanzee

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According the mouth breathers in the media, there was a coup against the most and powerful villain in the world, Putin.  How could that be?

severed conscience
Here's To You Mr Putin, Jesus Loves You More Than You Will Know
Fed Reserve Eye Candy

St Anthony of Wuhan Gets A New Job

How Many Diversions Does It Take …?

Claiming that a diversion of charge is a normal outcome for gun felony is just a lie.

More Whistleblower Revelations, Which Dem Wants Biden Out?

We’re Coming For Your Children

But Don’t Dare Say Anything About It In Michigan

Link To Law House Bill 4474

They Told Us They Were Coming For Our Kids
And Good Morning America Really Initiated It

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