Show Notes: Midday Transmission – Tavistock, Transgender and Severed Conscience

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By John Doe

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Tavistock Institute is featured in our documentary Severed Conscience, but the connection to transgender re-assignment is something we didn’t consider.  Until now.

severed conscience

Gender re-assignment begins with a grooming process.  Sometimes that is online, sometimes it’s the medical establishment itself.

As a confused and isolated teenager, Rey looked to the internet for answers. FTM individuals who shared glamorous stories about transitioning convinced Rey that a new identity was the solution to happiness.

Turning to the gender identity clinic at the Tavistock Institute in the UK, Rey was surprised to learn that access to “gender-affirming care” was so easy—one visit with a primary doctor, two consultations at the gender identity clinic, then bloodwork—were all it took to begin the transitioning process.

Rey’s bloodwork indicated high levels of testosterone. “One of the doctors said I was ‘intersex’ because of this, but that is not how you diagnose that,” said Rey. “I probably had PCOS, which was not diagnosed at the time. I didn’t even question it, because when you go to a doctor, you expect to be told the truth. When they told me that I was intersex, it made me want to transition, because it made sense as to why I experienced all this confusion all my life.”

What Is The Tavistock Institute

Tavistock Institute Used Predatory Practices

I worked at the Tavistock gender clinic. This is why closing it was the right move
Good clinical care is about ensuring we can question practices, to exercise caution with new ideas, and to ensure we develop a sound evidence base for any treatments.

Between 2004 and 2007, I became very concerned that hormone treatments prescribed at the Tavistock Gender Identity Development Service did not adequately consider the complexity of the children presenting there. Their cases were, in most cases, psychologically complex, and many had comorbidities.

An article in the medical journal Archives of Disease in Childhood, a six-page review on the Tavistock Gender Identity Development Service, contained these two sentences: “A range of psychometric measures are used to assess behavioral and emotional functioning, including features of autistic spectrum disorder and self-harm. Around 35% of referred young people present with moderate to severe autistic traits.”

Tavistock Institute Is Subject of Lawsuit

This transgender re-assignment clinic will be abolished, but not the Tavistock Institute itself. 

For some time now, the Tavistock clinic has been the one specialist institution providing services for people, including children, who are confused about their gender identity. Last month, it lost all credibility after a damning external report published by the consultant paediatrician Dr. Hilary Cass. Her review is still ongoing, but the decision to shut down Tavistock was particularly motivated by Cass’s interim finding that several of the clinic’s doctors had felt “pressured to adopt an unquestioning approach” while treating adolescents with gender dysphoria. The report added: 

This is at odds with the standard process of clinical assessment and diagnosis that they have been trained to undertake in all other clinical encounters. 

Tavistock Gender Clinic to be Sued by 1,000 Families

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