Show Notes: Morning Mission – We’re Enemies Of The State Now

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Stuart Rhodes and the Proud Boys didn’t realize the extent that our devices track us.

severed conscience

Attending A Conservative Event Post J-6

Despite the gaslighting regarding cell phone accuracy, DOJ and FBI used same techniques that Dinesh Dsouza’s team employed in 2000 Mules.

The Proud Boys and Oath Keepers were foolish to keep their phones with them.

What Your Phone Has Built-In and Why You Can’t Access the Battery

When you cannot remove the battery, it means you phone is not shutdown, is offline and can no longer receive a signal from the telecommunications network to wake up and broadcast.  There is still enough juice to keep it available for a signal.

Carrier IQ Firmware was an older surveillance package that was installed on Androids.  It essentially scooped up all keystrokes and set it to phone carriers.  There were lawsuits to keep knowledge of Carrier IQ’s presence unknown, similar to Dominion Software and the 2020 Election.

Carrier IQ was reportedly discovered on Nokia Samsung, HTC, BlackBerry, and iPhone smartphones, drawing criticism from smartphone owners and privacy advocates. Eventually, it was estimated that around 150 million cellphones had Carrier IQ software installed, mainly in the US.

What Are Your Apps Doing?

J6 data collection by DOJ / FBI was better than 2000 Mules.  LE has full access via GPS, whether device was “turned on” or not.

Encrypted Apps not that encrypted anymore.

What Are The Banks Doing?

Stingray Gathers Your Data

How Cops Can Secretly Track Your Phone

The name stingray comes from the brand name of a specific commercial model of IMSI catcher made by the Florida-based Harris Corporation. That company’s StingRay is a briefcase-sized device that can be operated from a vehicle while plugged into the cigarette lighter. Harris also makes products like the Harpoon, a signal booster that makes the StingRay more powerful, and the KingFish, a smaller hand-held device that operates like a stingray and can be used by a law enforcement agent while walking around outside a vehicle. About a dozen other companies make variants of the stingray with different capabilities. The surveillance equipment is pricey and often sold as a package. For example, in documents obtained by Motherboard in 2016, Harris offered a KingFish package that cost $157,300 and a StingRay package that cost $148,000, not including training and maintenance.

11 Years of Surveillance with Raptor in Saginaw

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