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AI used for generating sexual images of children and yielding yourself up to Digital Identity.  Elements of Severed Conscience on full display.

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AI Is Being Used To Create Child Pornography

There are nearly 900,000 child predators in Britain alone.

“We assess that the viewing of these images – whether real or AI-generated – materially increases the risk of offenders moving on to sexually abusing children themselves,” NCA Director General Graeme Biggar said in a recent report.

The agency estimates there are up to 830,000 adults, or 1.6% of the adult population in the U.K. that pose some type of sexual danger against children.

How long before the argument is made that since no child is being harmed, these are mere fantasy like video games?  Already there is an effort to rebrand pedophilia as Minor Attracted Person (MAP), and the could be made that in order to provide a release valve for a MAP, AI generated imagery and videos could provide a safe means for sexual fulfillment while not harming actual children. 

The other issue is that law enforcement is having a more difficult time distinguishing actual victims from deep fakes.

Biggar noted that the AI-generated images of children also throws police and law enforcement into a maze of deciphering fake images from those of real victims who need assistance.

Consider this, what if you child, who is a minor, has an image on social media it is now used in the deep fake imagery? 

Andrew Tate Counts on Severed Conscience To Bring Him Desperate Customers

What about using AI for creating imagery of adults, does that lure incels to remain online, and how much cheaper is generating AI porn than running sexual chat room services like Andrew Tate?

The girls would sit on a webcam and an old dude would sit there. I was training these girls and it got to the point where it was easier if I typed myself, we had the two girls on camera with a keyboard that wasn’t plugged in, but I was behind the screen talking to the dudes, saying the right things to start dragging money out of the internet,” he told James English.

While Andrew Tate may be innocent of trafficking charges, his past business of porn chat for men is in direct odds with his declaration that men need to be respectable and the he is the target of the elite because he speaks out in favor or men.  It was a perfect funnel system:  entice lonely men to pain money to “chat” with models, then after browbeating those same men as losers in life who are not respectable, outsource, and pursuing lives as lesser than men, he offers course on self improvement.  This is similar to the charge the software companies who make anti-virus software develop viruses to infect computers and thereby artificially grow a customer base.

Tate is part of a false dialectic, as his remarks about women inflame the leftists while encouraging the right who like the fact that Tate just dunks on the weak Karens.

Andrew Tate is an Artificial Identity.  He is placed before us to so we attach to him as heroic based out feelings of empathy because he expresses what we want to hear.  He is expressing values of masculinity to we rally to, but he has been a practitioner of rely on online and porn addiction.  That is right out of the Severed Conscience playbook.  Substitute actual relationships of value with online relationships, create addiction, then pose as a paragon of values by espousing ideals that entice further attachment.  Tate is accepted as a VIP into the conservatives tent.

Bots Are Out Of Control So We Need Digital Identity and Social Control

Digital Identity is paramount to Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Order in order enforce security and protect people.  The concept is know as Zero Permissions and is at the root of the technocratic grid the elite, Yuval Harari and Schwab promulgate.  We discuss this in the upcoming release of Severed Conscience – Controlled Environment.  Here is a preview:



Well, Sam Altman CEO of ChatGPT is taking the first step in implementing Schwab’s strategy.

“Something like World ID will eventually exist, meaning that you will need to verify [you are human] on the internet, whether you like it or not,” WorldCoin CEO Alex Blania said.

Over the weekend that threat (or promise) became a reality as Worldcoin, a project partly created by OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, launched the project’s ecosystem token on July 24.

There is a concern, and justified in many ways, that there are bots posing as people.  In my article Zed’s Dead I describe the scenario where you may be responding to comments that are generated from AI, and that trigger is used to study your response.  

Interestingly enough, the proponents of AI whose tech is fooling you now think it’s time to put safeguards in place.

The project also claims that the World ID will prove they are not robots without needing to provide personal identifying information to websites, such as their phone number. 

On May 8, the project released its gas-free crypto wallet for verified humans. This allowed users to take advantage of gas-free transfers by registering for a World ID, where they would be asked to provide a phone number or an iris scan.

According to the developers, the project does not store the data provided by the users. It generates a zero-knowledge proof to verify that the user is human without revealing the data used to create the proof.

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