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Today we learn what Brandon Foreign (Policy) Escapades means.

The Dumb And The Senseless

More fickle than Erica Kane, the GOP is pull a worse version of a Susan Lucci.

Vote For ... Ummm ...

Indiana Jones And The Big Dick Of Destiny

A 7.5-foot-tall statue of a man clutching his penis was unearthed at one of the oldest temple sites in Turkey.  Archaeologists in Turkey have unearthed a nearly 11,000-year-old statue that may depict a giant man clutching his penis, along with a life-size wild boar statue. The two statues come from the neighboring sites of Gobekli Tepe and Karahan Tepe, which are among the oldest temple sites in the world.

 A view of 2.3-meter high human statue, which is a candidate for one of the most impressive examples of prehistoric art with a realistic facial expression, was found fixed to the ground on a bench during excavations in Karahantepe site in Sanliurfa, Turkiye on October 01, 2023.

Learn To Speak Farsi

Will We Have To Bail Out GM Yet Again?

5,000 autoworkers walk out at Texas GM plant, as UAW expands strike for second day in a row

More than 45,000 autoworkers total are now on strike. The UAW first launched the strike nearly six weeks ago, after failing to reach an agreement with General Motors, Stellantis and Ford before its contract expired Sept. 14.

GM Is LOSING With It’s EV Investments

GM’s third-quarter results on Tuesday came in better than expected. Net income of roughly $3.1 billion was down 7% from a very strong quarter last year, but higher than the $2.5 billion consensus that analysts had penciled in, according to FactSet. 

Profit fell because of rising costs, and not just because of the strike. Among the reasons given by GM was its increased output of EVs. This is a point of particular sensitivity to investors given the new technology’s growth prospects and the vast gap between Tesla’s costs and Detroit’s.

Unlike Ford, GM doesn’t split out its EV business, so investors don’t know just how bad its losses are. But the company is sending alarming signals. It scrapped EV production targets Tuesday and said it was slowing its growth plans. It wants time to incorporate engineering changes that should boost the profitability of its production platform. It also needs to limit any risk of overproduction that might force it to follow Tesla down the route of cutting prices.

Toyata Expresses Doubts About EV Viability

As EV sales momentum lags behind in the U.S., he [Toyota Chairman Akio Toyoda] may be enjoying an “I told you so” moment. 

“There are many ways to climb the mountain that is achieving carbon neutrality,” Toyoda told a small group of reporters at the Japan Mobility Show, formerly the Tokyo Motor Show, which is opening this week for the first time in four years.

Japanese automakers, most prominently Toyota, have been more vocal than their Western peers about the challenges EVs face in the near term, including high costs, resource crunches and limited charging infrastructure. 

BFE Ain’t Butt Stuff, Nor Is It In Egypt

Brandon Foreign Policy Escapades is setting the stage for death and disaster.  Troops injured in Iraq, but they wait a week to relay this information.



IRS Wants Businesses To Collect Personal Information About Customers Using Crypto

Cash means you retain your privacy.  In our documentary Severed Conscience O and I speak at length regarding centralized digital currency and the ability of the Federal Reserve enforcing quotas on food purchases.  In Rationed State we discussed how World War II ushered in rationing cards and quota for meat, fuel and other goods.  They will tell you that digital cash will be easier, will prevent fraud.

For two years, the cryptocurrency world has been waiting to see how the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) would implement the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. Put simply, this law established new reporting requirements that risked setting a de facto ban on cryptocurrency mining and exposing millions of Americans to new felony crimes

… even though businesses may have no reason to collect sensitive, personal information from customers, the baseline that the IRS is working with is whether they have the ability to do so. That may be somewhat limited given the focus is on businesses providing a service, but “the ability to collect information” seems to be little more than “collection by default.”


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