Show Notes: Brave New World, Butterflies and Big Mistakes

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The release of a new song from the Beatles using AI to enhance old material and blending it with current performances is a bitter sweet wonder.  We need to preserve the past, to protect it so we can continue to learn.

Mind Altering Drug Culture

The Beatles were a product of their era, and experimented with LSD.  Many consider LSD to be an organic evolution of culture, but LSD as a mechanism of control was a subject research by the US government, The Tavistock Institute and the Frankfurt School since the 1950s.  The promise of the 1960s drug culture was build a new society by dropping out of the confines of traditional culture, expand your mind and seek new insights.  A chemically induced Utopia.

A Brave New World

It is deeply ironic that one of the most sinister dystopian novels depicted a society that was controlled by sexual pleasure, entertainment and a mind altering drug called Soma.  A Brave New World, written in 1958 by Aldus Huxley, portrays a future society where sickness and greed have been eradicated from human nature, but the price is that scientifically controlled society based on genetically engineered caste system controls all human activity.  The family structure has been destroyed, as an extreme form of “free love” is used to prevent long term relationships from forming.  To compensate for the emotional turmoil that results, Soma was consumed to produce a euphoric state of mind, and distract people from their problems.   The Alphas run this society, they use Science as a control mechanism, and in the name of protecting citizens from bigotry and thought crimes, scientific research is monitored for seditious thought. 

The Huxley Family – A Legacy of Population Manipulation

Aldus Huxley is as horrific as the fictional society he wrote.  His beliefs, while sounding sophisticated, are rooted in contradiction and lead to devaluing human life.  Like many eugenicists, overpopulation will lead to the destruction of humanity; specifically, Huxley believed that technology arose in response to overpopulation, which in turn leads to totalitarianism.  But to avoid that a scientific dictatorship must be fashioned instead.

Huxley projected that societies would come to placate people through pharmaceutical means, it was part of a progressive plan to guide civilization into a steadier state.

Huxley comes from a family who has been associated with eugenics and the philosophy of materialism that took hold of the scientific community, rejecting the transcendental and higher meanings of spirituality.  This is also a rejection of Natural Law.  His grandfather Thomas Huxely was the attack dog proponent for Darwinism dating from the 1850s.  Thomas Huxely was HG Wells biology teacher.  Both were proponents of redefining science as “… geared towards the redefinition of all branches of science around a statistical-empiricist interpretation of the universe which denied the existence of creative reason in mankind or nature. Science was converted from the unbounded study and perfectibility of truth to a mathematically sealed “science of limits”.

Aldous Huxley may have author a novel, but his brother Julian put the philosophy of eugenics into practice at the UN. 

MK Ultra – Bringing LSD to America

Monarch Butterfly

In 1975 the Church Committee began research into the activities of the CIA.  Public hearings revealed that experiments were being conducted on citizen in order to perfect methods of mind control.

MKUltra was revealed to the public in 1975 by the Church Committee of the United States Congress and Gerald Ford‘s United States President’s Commission on CIA activities within the United States (the Rockefeller Commission). Investigative efforts were hampered by CIA Director Richard Helms‘s order that all MKUltra files be destroyed in 1973; the Church Committee and Rockefeller Commission investigations relied on the sworn testimony of direct participants and on the small number of documents that survived Helms’s order.[19] In 1977, a Freedom of Information Act request uncovered a cache of 20,000 documents relating to MKUltra, which led to Senate hearings.[11][20] Some surviving information about MKUltra was declassified in 2001.

“Gottlieb wanted to create a way to seize control of people’s minds, and he realized it was a two-part process,” Kinzer says. “First, you had to blast away the existing mind. Second, you had to find a way to insert a new mind into that resulting void. We didn’t get too far on number two, but he did a lot of work on number one.”

Why A Police State Is Unnecessary

Recently Dinesh D’souza described our society as a soft form of Police State, but still a form of 1984.  But in an interview he also acknowledged that Brave New World is a factor.  Listen to his description of how Dr Fauci had to be concerned with the truth, and use censorship. This is not thugs breaking down you doors, like in Soviet Russia or Fascist Germany.  We need to be aware of what is happening today and what the greater threat is.

Natural Law, Cultural Confidence and Asking Questions Is The Answer

Lies may need to silence the Truth, but Truth will never need to silence Lies.  Because on their own, Lies reveal themselves.  Children can see truth, but the must be taught to guard against the seductive thinking of statistical models and abstractions being the cornerstone of knowledge.   That is The Science, the controlling mechanism that tells us to not think.

Take heart, it’s take the Huxley family 150 or more years to get us to this point.  And their is hope as long as we remember what Natural Law taught our Founding Fathers, and what many modern days do today.  Love their families.

Warts And All, That’s The Point.  Just Be There

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