Show Notes: AI Stuffing In Your Turkey

By Orange and The Mighty Humanzee

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For a year we have warned that AI would become the new infallible source of judgement and expertise, not because it was a superior form of thinking, but because it was yet another mechanism to fool people into believing a source of authority.

We Warned That AI Will Be Touted As The Next Savior

In Severed Conscience, in Rationed State and many other podcasts we have described the bait and switch of AI, where AI will be offered as a superior solution based on higher accuracy yet it will be programmed to merely produce the result that is favored by those untouched by the consequence of their actions.  In  Artificially Intelligent  we wrote

In some case the A.I. application failed and gave glaringly incorrect answers, but with great articulation. It makes you wonder the value of an MBA and why we are so quick to accept pedigree over ability. As a society we are addicted to experts and credentials, flowery language and other empty forms of communication posing as thought.

Many confuse the speed of AI with superior intelligence.  That is miscategorization that we discussed in AI Am Here To Help.

Morning Mission AI Am Here To Help

Michigan:  Capitol Will No Enforce Gun Ban With AI

Authorities at the Michigan State Capitol are beginning to use artificial intelligence to detect any firearms in a bid to increase security amid a growing national wave of political threats and violence.

The system, which will analyze footage from existing video cameras to identify brandished or otherwise drawn firearms, represents the latest in a series of escalating security measures at the Michigan Capitol following armed protests in 2020. 

In 2020 was constitutionally lawful to bear a firearm at the Michigan capitol, no weapon was discharged during the protest.  Legally, the state constitution would have be amended by law to prohibit weapons on the capitol grounds.  Instead, the Michigan Capitol Commission, an unelected body of “officials” is now subverting the law and just ordering metal detectors and a full indoor gun ban except for legislators with concealed carry permits

Lo And Behold Darth Nessel Created Michigan Capitol Commission’s Authority

Again we have a Commission dictating process that subverts our state law.  And Dana “Darth” Nessel, having seen the images of protesters armed during the COVID 2020 lockdown protests, felt compelled to protect citizens against those who peacefully protested while exercising their right of open carry at the state capitol. 

Capitol Commission unanimously adopts gun ban with exception for lawmakers

Here is her official statement:

“I firmly believe in the right to protest, the right to demonstrate, and the right to loudly and strongly object to those causes that move us,” Nessel said. “These rights are so fundamental to our democracy that they are enshrined in the First Amendment of our Constitution. But it is also important to remember that the right to protest does not encompass the right to violence, or the right to harm those individuals with whom you disagree.”

The issue is one was harmed, no shots were discharged.  And remember, Governor Whitmer had suspended our Constitutional rights to freedom of association, movement, and right to commerce.  It was illegal to go fishing.  That suspension of basic rights is justification for fear.  As Jefferson has stated “When government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny”,

Is It Really AI?

AI is supposed to replace humans, but this new system seems to still rely on human “experts” after a weapon has been identified.

If a gun is identified, images will be “immediately” reviewed by trained specialists at ZeroEyes, including military and law enforcement veterans, the company said Monday. If those specialists confirm a threat, they’ll send alerts and other “actionable intelligence” to Capitol police in a matter of seconds, according to the firm.

We have diligently reported on the gun grab motives and moves by the Whitmer Adminstration

Millions of Americans Are Getting Their News From TikTok

The Pew report states that, since 2020, the percentage of U.S. adults who regularly get their news from TikTok “has more than quadrupled,” from 3 percent three years ago to 14 percent in 2023. Today, add the authors of the sobering report, “43% of TikTok users say they regularly get news on the site, up from 33% who said the same in 2022.”

TikTok is the latest addition to the CCP’s cognitive domain of military operations. In short, the human mind is the new battlefield, and what better way to conquer it than by weaponizing an app currently used by 150 million Americans?

43% of 150 Million is 64.5 Million people.

What is the Cognitive Domain?

Update To Dr McCullough and Community Notes

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