Show Notes: The Militarized State of Washington

By Orange and The Mighty Humanzee

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There is an attack on our liberty, it a war with tactics that target our very means of fending for ourselves.  While they import illegal aliens who fit their own definitions of a threat.

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Michigan GOP Update

The party has split into 2 factions, with the primary just 6 weeks away.  Many traditional Republicans, those who we would categorize as “Purple” and advesarial to the MAGA movement, want to remove the grassroots champion Chair of MI GOP Kristina Karamos.  Here are the lastest charges:

Return To Rationed State

In 2022, we premiered our documentary Rationed State, where we outlined the activities from the COVID response that were not part of a recovery plan, they were a plan to erase our food systems and reduce population by invoking images of patriotism and themes used in World War 2.  This was beyond the Great Reset, this is what we called The Great Erasure.

We see parallels today for planned shortages.

DoD Releases The National Defense Industrial Strategy

While the mainstream media in Michigan and at the national level gaslight us that the economy is strong, the DoD has a far different story, one that requires a national consensus.  It is a rally cry similar to the run up to World War 2.


O has published an article The Militarized State of Washington that examines a form of command and control economy as outlined by the Department of Defense.

We have a change in tone, a series of images that depict a near wartime effort for bolstering our economy in the name of national defense.


This is the conclusion from the DoD document.  The document can be found here.

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