Show Notes: Dominion And Watching Eye for the AI Guy

By Orange and The Mighty Humanzee

Prof Alex Halderman was vocal in 2017, 2022 and in 2024 about the security vulnerabilities of the Dominion voting machines was strangely unconcerned in 2020?  Why?

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Prof Alex Halderman, Champion or Guardian?

In 2017 University of Michigan professor Alex Halderman testified that the Dominion voting machines were a risk to the security of elections.  As you can see he is very serious about his testimony.  In 2020 he was silent about the nature of the same machines?  In 2024 he has changed back to his serious alarming tones.  Why?

2020 – Michigan was safest election ever.  Even with a computer network that Halderman admits was WIDE OPEN.

A report by an elections technology security expert who performed an analysis of the voting equipment used in Antrim County again affirmed the county’s official presidential election results were accurate and that unofficial results were initially reported incorrectly due to human error.

THE JIG IS UP… EXCLUSIVE: Local Reporter Describes Election Expert Halderman Breaking into Dominion Voting Machine and Changing Vote Totals During His Georgia Testimony

When he analyzed the BMD (ballot marking device) in Georgia… And so what he did is they brought the ballot marking device and the printer up to the front (of the courtroom)… What he did is he began to show the first vulnerability and he borrowed the state defense counsel. So those representing the Georgia secretary, he asked the main counsel to borrow his pen that he was writing with. And then he goes over to the power button, leans down, he holds down the power button for between five to 10 seconds, probably 7 seconds, and it automatically puts the machine in safe mode.

Amazingly Prof Halderman denied that there was any nefarious activity in Antrim County where 3000 votes were “shifted” accidentally from Trump to Biden due to an error with the scanned image of the ballot.  Halderman submitted that the ticker counts from the machines coincided with the numbers that need to be manually recounted in favor of Trump, and therefore there was no security breach.  Halderman also answered the charges from a lawsuit from Matt Deperno that the computer systems which housed the data from the voting machines was wide open.  At issue were shared administrative passwords, logging and detection systems disabled, databases unsecured by password and backups of system event logs for the election were missing.  

Zee discussed why this system would not pass audits for Sarbanes Oxley, DoD or other financial security protocols.  Zee spent 30 years in software development in finance, healthcare and manufacturing, and he dissected Halderman’s answers. in the analysis below.

In 2024 Halderman is back, and demonstrate in Georgia that voting machines can be easily hacked.

With a touchscreen and printer displayed at the front of the courtroom, attorneys for the plaintiffs asked the judge to settle disputes about voting machines before this year’s presidential election.

“Too many people want to use this case to dispute or defend what happened four years ago. This case is not about that,” said Robert McGuire, an attorney for the Coalition for Good Governance, one of the plaintiffs in the case. He called Georgia’s voting system “a disaster waiting to happen in 2024.”


Prison Registration:

New Michigan Law means people leaving prison will automatically be registered to Vote.

NPR ran this headline back in December. Whitmer signed this Bill into Law and is a part of what Democrats call a “broader expansion of voter access.”

This Law will take effect in 2025 but the Michigan Department of Corrections have already been working with the SOS to register incarcerated individuals to vote when they are released. They claim that this legislation codifies this to remain in Michigan Long term and helps inmates as well to get birth certificates’ and state ID’s. 

Interesting enough when looked at a little closer and the language of the Bill you begin to realize that there is a little more to this than what just meets the eye. 

I think it’s really interesting that this small detail is involved in this bill. Why? Mainly because Indian Reserves are not obligated, nor do they obligate themselves in State Political theater like this. Yet, finding this- is really, very interesting. Now we can say that- hey, this is there because the State is not allowed to discriminate against anyone, okay- yet reserves are exclusively restricted from outsiders who may as well want to “look in”. Yet, I am supposed to believe that they have the ability to retain “records” for an ID to vote? 


My curiosity had my mind thumping… I wish I knew exactly how many reserves and possibly the head count is in each possible state in the US and just maybe how many of these States are let’s say Blue for starters…

And if you’d like to invest sometime looking at this interactive map: go for it!


Now, I’m not saying what this looks like. I believe that most people have the right to see things for themselves, test what you’re watching, hearing and being told. If there is actual proof of a scam, and today’s world of technology is a scammers paradise in a lot of ways. 

This Story by NBC broke in December of 2023…much like that Bill passed and signed into Law by Gretch. But if this scamming story of 2023 in AZ is in fact true and this is actually happening- then how is the Biden Administration’s record investments in Tribal Nations and Native Communities not helping these people? Based on this short report, it certainly doesn’t seem like it is helping them, interesting though that in another article post by NPR recently the headline clearly says the quiet part out loud: Advocates work to get Native American voters registered in the key state of Arizona

One thing here at the Studio that Zee and I have always somewhat complained about is the fact of how we have so many voting in elections and are completely unaware of the laws on the books… to a degree for some, the ignorance of some paints a picture of bliss for others.

One thing to remember is that- no matter in what state you’re in and think that Nah- this will not happen in My Red State: Think Again- because its coming.. 

Asking Twitter Grok AI How You Can Be a Better Twittizen

Recently Zee saw a classic demonstration of behavior modification, guided by AI.  Are these actions the sign of Severed Conscience where AI is shaping your actions, or is this Rationed State, where you freedom has been limited, including your freedom of expression? 
This user on Twitter cleaned up his Twitter timeline based on input he received by feeding his timeline to Elon’s AI system Grok.  Shockingly the AI admits that denigrating Elon, even discussing shadowbanning and filtering on Twitter can lead to your account suppression. 

The user kept deleting items of this nature from his timeline,  this is beyond some science fiction scenario – human activity is controlled by AI.


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