Show Notes: Ginger McDouche and the Queens of Congress

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Lankford, looking like a deer in the headlights, marched to McConnell’s orders and delivered a disaster.

Ginger McDouche and the Queens of Congress

118 Billion Dollars To Ignore Existing Law

60 Billion for Ukraine, that is the same as the budget for the US Marines. 

What’s In The Bill?

The Republican-majority House predictably isn’t going for the bill. Why would they? It would allow nearly 2 million illegal aliens into the country in one year — as long as the numbers stay below 5,000 entries per day for seven consecutive days, or below 8,500 border encounters in a single day — before triggering “emergency authority” for the Department of Homeland Security and closing the border. Even then there are exceptions.

Worse, if Biden decides it’s in the “national interest” to beckon some more Democrat representation padding and likely future voters across the Rio Grande, he can unilaterally suspend the border closure for 45 days per year. There’s more where that came from.

Border – DC Circuit Court can only do judicial review.  This ends Texas rights, states rights


Border – 2023 House Had Stronger Bill Last Year All Forgotten

In fact, did they even need this law when they could enforce other existing ones.

Border – Schumer Blames … Trump

Apparently unaware that the $118 Senate ‘security’ package has been exposed as an anti-American slush fund for Ukraine, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has blamed former President Donald Trump for killing it.

“Too many Republicans, including Speaker Johnson, are scared of Donald Trump,” said Schumer – who appeared on MSNBC to suggest that America will regret not helping Ukraine and Israel right now.

No, Wait It Just MAGA And Republicans

District Court Rules Public CAN See Voter Rolls.

Maine Secretary of State blocked access to voter rolls for watch dog group.  These are public records, critical to for comparing registrations with other states and it a way to determine voter fraud.  While seeming mundane, this assists with election stealing.

Maine’s voter rolls must be made available for public inspection, a federal appeals court ruled on Friday.

Writing for the 1st Circuit Court of Appeals, Judge Gustavo Gelpí, a Biden appointee, ruled that Maine Secretary of State Shenna Bellows must allow the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) to inspect the state’s voter rolls as specified under the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA). Bellows, a Democrat, is currently engaged in a legally suspect attempt to kick former President Donald Trump off of Maine’s 2024 presidential primary ballot.

According to PILF, Maine altered its laws in 2021 to prevent watchdog groups “from using the [voter] file to perform research not pre-approved by the legislature.” These prohibited research activities included comparing Maine’s voter roll data to another state’s to identify potentially invalid registrations.

Burn Books?  No, Just Don’t Print Them

White House piling on Amazon to suppress books running contrary to COVID narrative

Amazon in turn appears to ask only how high the Biden White House wants it to jump on censorship: “[i]s the [Biden] Admin asking us to remove books, or are they more concerned about search results/order (or both)?”

After the meeting, Amazon confirmed in an email that it was actively doing what the government demanded in suppressing sales by not promoting disfavored books:

“As a reminder, we did enable Do Not Promote for anti-vax books whose primary purpose is to persuade readers vaccines are unsafe or ineffective on 3/9, and will review additional handling options for these books with you.”

Trump Denied Immunity in DC District Court.

Congress has immunity from civil and criminal prosecution when faithfully executing duties.  Judges have immunity from civil and criminal prosecution when faithfully executing duties.  The President of the United States apparently does not.

“We have balanced former President Trump’s asserted interests in executive immunity against the vital public interests that favor allowing this prosecution to proceed,” the judges wrote in a 57-page opinion reported by CNBC. “We conclude that ‘[c]oncerns of public policy, especially as illuminated by our history and the structure of our government’ compel the rejection of his claim of immunity in this case,” the judges continue, upholding a trial judge’s previous ruling.

Mike Davis does a great breakdown of the issues on Steve Bannon’s War Room

Rona McDaniel Out As RNC Chair After South Carolina Primary

Wasn’t the SC primary important to a a candidate?

Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel is reportedly planning to step down from her position after long facing calls to do so amid poor fundraising hauls for the GOP.

McDaniel has reportedly told former President Donald Trump that she will step down after the South Carolina GOP primary on Feb. 24, the New York Times reported, citing “two people familiar with the plans.”

Mayorkas Impeached!  Wait, WUH?

The resolution affirming two articles of impeachment against President Biden’s chief border enforcement officer failed almost along party lines — but with four Republicans crucially joining all 212 Democrats to vote against the resolution and the remaining 214 GOPers voting to impeach the 64-year-old DHS chief.

House Majority Leader Steve Scalise (R-La.) was the only absentee from the vote, as he continues to undergo treatment for blood cancer. Rep. Hal Rogers (R-Ky.) returned just in time for the vote following a mid-January car accident and was seen wearing a neck brace on the House floor.

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