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Yes, Super Tuesday was a sweep, but more importantly, Blue’s 1970s Trivia Superpower delivers on What’s Happening and the Brady Bunch.

Blue’s Superpower

At the end of the last show, Blue amazed us with this fact:  The Doobie Brothers made an appearance on What’s Happening!

And indeed they did, twice!

But I Ain’t Got No Money, And I Ain’t In A Hurray At All

Can we have an Ol’ Black Water budget instead of being so deep in debt that our great grand kids are paying off Ukraine and the US Fed debt?

Blue’s Corner

Toria Steps Down

Brady Trivia

From Niz:  What football player told Peter it was ok to sing in the glee club?
From Zee:  Did Greg move upstairs to the attic before the Hawaii episode?
From Zee:  Who took the idol from the burial site on Hawaii episode?

Cocaine Larry and Meat Sweats

Larry has talked about his addition to cocaine in the 90s.

Is Meat Sweats Related to Bobby Brady?


Super Tuesday Super Destruction


Carl Rove Is Talking About Unity With The Uniparty

Rove says Trump Team ‘ought to be concerned’ after Super Tuesday


Republican strategist Karl Rove said former President Trump’s campaign “ought to be concerned” about unifying the Republican party, pointing to robust support for Republican candidate Nikki Haley’s candidacy on Super Tuesday.

Rove called Super Tuesday a “strong night for Donald Trump” in an interview on Fox News, and described the former president’s campaign estimation that he would win a sufficient number of delegates to clinch the GOP nomination by later this month as “probably accurate.”

When Your Murderous At Rest Face Is Excited By Your Face In Motion

Seems To Me You Turn Your Pretty Head and Walk Away

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