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Our Beloveds, we are gathered today to inform you that Safe and Secure Elections are here to stay. 

That being said, let’s all lend an ear of what the Secretary of State in Michigan has to say about Fair and Free Elections and what exactly that looks like:

In our Podcast Episode #2: These Aren’t The Signatures Your Looking For – Studio Humanzee 

We detailed numerous times these women worked to undermine the initial actions of Voters. How can we have Honest Elections if the SOS refuses to look into and purge Voter Rolls, properly handle signature matches to these ballots and the list continues… 

Guess who's back? Dar Leaf..

Zee and I previously discussed Dar Leaf back in 2022 from Bridge Magazine in an article from Michigan on the Studio. Dar Leaf is the Sherrif from Barry County. He gained a lot of attention from the Lawsuit he filed against state authorities in the State of Michigan. Here is a recap of what the article from Bridge Magazine had to say about Leaf:

“Leaf’s lawsuit seeks a court order to stop state authorities from “usurping and interfering” with his investigation and alleges the Michigan State Police is an “unaccountable strong arm” of state government that Attorney General Dana Nessel, Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson and other Democrats have used to “bully” and “harass” his office.”-

So, what is the Importance of this Affidavit:

Dar Leaf was subpoenaed to appear with his Documation to submit and turn over his finding from his investigation of the 2020 election. 

“On March 7th 2024, at approximately 10:45 AM, I, sheriff Dar Leaf, received a subpoena for my law enforcement file no 21-2216 from DJ Hilson’s office.

This subpoena demanded that I appear at 1200 N Telegraph Rd. Pontiac MI with my law enforcement files with less than 24-hour notice and not time to appear.”


According to Dar Leaf his next move:

I intend to file a motion to Quash the subpoena attached as well as a civil lawsuit against the Muskegon County prosecutor D. J. Hilson for attempting to usurp my investigation. D. J. Hilson worked with AG Dana Nessel and successfully buried the Muskegon County fraud that is now under investigation by the FBI. The Muskegon County Prosecutor failed to appropriately prosecute as requested by the Muskegon Police Department.


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