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Propping up, quite literally, the leader of the free world.

Skechers Or Just Sketchie

President Joe Biden was spotted wearing a very sturdy pair of sneakers Monday as his aides are taking every precaution to keep the president from falling down on camera again.

That Bill Of Rights Is Just Getting In The Way

Jackson displays  thorough lack of understanding regarding federal government ability to outsources anti-constitutional activities.  It’s illegal, period.

“So can you help me? Because I’m really — I’m really worried about that because you’ve got the First Amendment operating in an environment of threatening circumstances from the government’s perspective,” Justice Jackson said to Louisiana Solicitor General Benjamin Aguiñaga. Why couldn’t the government communicate with social media companies then? Jackson queried.

Peter Navarro Must Serve Prison Time Before Appeal

Background is here at Zerohedge:

Mr. Navarro filed an emergency petition to Chief Justice John Roberts on Friday afternoon, arguing that his appeal “will raise a number of issues on appeal that he contends are likely to result in the reversal of his conviction, or a new trial.”

“For the first time in our nation’s history, a senior presidential advisor has been convicted of contempt of Congress after asserting executive privilege over a congressional subpoena,” Mr. Navarro’s lawyers wrote.

“Navarro is indisputably neither a flight risk nor a danger to public safety should he be released pending appeal,” they added.


Election Fraud:  Michigan Sheriff Publishes Emails With Dominion and Serbian Nationals Accessing Election Networks

Sheriff Dar Leaf from Barry County Michigan released 2100 pages of emails as evidence that Dominion employees were triaging issues on state networks.  One such network in Antrim County Michigan was in violation of CISA Federal Standards and allowed open access to files and data.

Emails demonstrate the panic of Dominion employees as absentee ballots cannot be loaded before polls were to open.  At a minimum this means that Dominion did not conform to contract and the system is unstable and not be trusted.Image

We Hope You Enjoy Your Stay, Senior

In a notice last week, the LAPD said it “recognizes the increase in burglaries where homes in affluent neighborhoods are targeted.”

“I can tell you that we have a significant increase in burglaries from organized groups that are outside this country, that are coming into the country, and they are targeting high-end residents,” Chief Dominic Choi said.

In Search of Winston Churchill?  Barry Hits 10 Downing Street While Big Mike Shops

12000 Visas fro Afghans and Other Fun Things is the Mini-Omni-Magic Bus



Putin Considering Buffer Zone To Protect Oil Refineries

Putin planning buffer zone around border with Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin said he was considering a plan to create a buffer zone between Ukrainian land and Russian border regions and Russian-held territory in Ukraine as the war settles into a long conflict.

Putin spoke at a press conference late Sunday after he won election for a fifth term in a landslide election that Ukraine and Western nations have slammed as a rigged contest.

“Gunvor Group Ltd. Chief Executive Officer Torbjörn Törnqvist estimates about 600,000 barrels of Russia’s daily oil-refining capacity has been knocked out by Ukrainian drone strikes,” Bloomberg reports based on a Monday report.

She's Fine, There's Not Tellin' Where The Money's Spent

GAO:  Not Sure Where the Ukraine Funds Have Gone

While the Pentagon has assured Congress that no U.S. military equipment sent to Ukraine has been diverted, stolen, or otherwise misappropriated, a new report from the Government Accountability Office could not determine if the Department of Defense was tracking allegations of misuse two years into the conflict.

The sheer tonnage of supplies and the speed of its shipment, according to the GAO report, has left the Pentagon without “quality data” to assess its delivery. Ensuring munitions and materiel arrive in the right hands has led to unprecedented challenges on top of the existing chaos of war. Most officials were evacuated from Ukraine long ago, for instance, and those who remain are restricted from leaving Kyiv to ensure delivery of shipments before it is used or destroyed on the battlefield.

Department of Defense officials, however, maintain that they and their Ukrainian allies are up to the challenge. “We think the Ukrainians are using properly what they’ve been given,” Colin Kahl, formerly the Pentagon’s top policy official, told Congress over a year ago, assuring lawmakers that the DoD conducts regular audits and “we are laser-focused on this issue.”

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