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The World Economic Forum is calling for more direct action to end the pending food crisis.  Amazing how that is timed with Oregon and Idaho water restrictions and Michigan Avian Flu crisis.  Want fries with the grasshopper burger?

Fight the Food Wars With The Ukraine Flag

Feeding the future: why Renovation and Reinvention are key to saving our food system

The article discusses the importance of renovating and reinventing the food system to address challenges such as climate change, population growth, and resource scarcity. It emphasizes the need for innovative solutions that prioritize sustainability, resilience, and equitable access to nutritious food.

Though the product-level impact is small, the overall contribution to diet can be significant. For example, if one multinational food company adds whole grain to its main product line of snacks, it could increase Americans’ fibre intake by 5% by 2030. By prioritizing nutritional reformulation, we can mitigate adverse effects on public health, including the rise of chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular conditions.

Animal based protein bad

These sustainable replacements for animal proteins play an important role in reducing the overall impact of food supply chains, while enabling us to meet the growing demand for low-cost, nutrient-rich foods. Rapid advancements in plant-based R&D as well as bio-identical plant or animal proteins, fats and oils produced through precision fermentation and cell-cultivated biotechnologies, are opening up spaces for Reinvention. In 2024, Unilever launched their first precision-fermented “cow-free dairy”,

The New Plan:  Individualized Diet Guided By AI

Advances in technology such as AI and data analytics could create diets unique to an individual’s genetic make-up, lifestyle factors and health goals. Personalized nutrition can also minimize food waste by matching individuals with meal plans that use ingredients efficiently and effectively, reducing the overall environmental impact of food production and disposal.

Replace Breast Milk

Alex Jones used to say that the globalists said “breast milk was bad”  Guess what

Disruptions in food systems begin to scale as companies partner to combine different technologies. For example, the French start-up Numi is using cell cultures to develop a breast milk replacement for specific cases of restriction, while TurtleTree are using precision fermentation to create bovine lactoferrin to boost immunity.

What Does WEF Think Helps Us The Most?

Because time is running out, we have to act before 2030.  Notice how everything is in crisis mode?  Are we going to get some cool agri-science?  

Of course not, we need collectivization on a global scale.

Even with less than eight years to meet the SDGs, there is still enough time for transformative change in food systems if we recognise that the solutions will not always be clear-cut.

But we can no longer continue to overlook the critical governance and political economy constraints that could prevent us from taking advantage of the opportunities for change that the contemporary set of factors has created.

1. Unified Thinking

There is a need for more effective and coordinated approaches across different levels of governance (global, national, and local) and sectors to develop sensible food policies.

2. Focus on Subsidies

Repurposing public support for agriculture towards the supply of healthier diets should be a critical focus, with flexibility to accommodate the needs of different countries.

3. Autonomy vs. Competitiveness

The shift towards strategic autonomy (relying on domestic resources) must be balanced against potential erosion of competitiveness, and changes in trade policies within existing international agreements may help mitigate this.

4. Data-Driven Policymaking

Robust data is essential for evidence-based policymaking, identifying solutions, and increasing transparency. Tools like True Cost Accounting require appropriate data and metrics for different countries.

5. Food Systems Perspective

A systems approach that considers the interlinkages between different systems (e.g., energy, transportation) and the multiple trade-offs is crucial to avoid repeated crises and take a broader approach to emerging risks.

The text emphasizes that while there is still time for transformative change in food systems before the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals deadline, the solutions may not be clear-cut, and critical governance and political economy constraints must be addressed to take advantage of opportunities for change.

Bird Flu Fear Porn

“I really do think it’s very likely that we will, at some time, it’s not a question of if, it’s more of a question of when we will have a bird flu pandemic,” Redfield said.

Dr Redfield Controversy

While Redfield speaks of the inevitability of bird flu jumping to humans like every COVID and Hollywood movie script we have read, we must realize that Redfield was accused of falsifying data much like Fauci as done.

– In 1994, Dr. Craig Hendrix, an Air Force doctor, raised concerns about the accuracy of data presented by Redfield on an HIV vaccine trial called gp-160. Hendrix alleged that Redfield either mishandled the data or fabricated it, calling into question Redfield’s trustworthiness as a researcher

– Sen. Patty Murray cited this research controversy as an example of Redfield’s “pattern of ethically and morally questionable behavior” that raised doubts about his qualifications to lead the CDC



Public Health Accomplices

World Health Organization is also on board with the food crisis as part of its One Health Initiative:

Key actions include:

Developing national food-based dietary guidelines integrating environmental sustainability

Strengthening local food production,

Promoting diverse and minimally processed diets,

Considering trade policies to improve sustainable food supply, and implementing policies to create healthy and sustainable food environments.

Improving storage, preservation, transport, and distribution technologies can also reduce food insecurity, loss, and waste.

Homesteaders and Farmers Targeted Over Water Usage

When you receive a letter that says you must cease and desist, then your access to ground water for the purposes of raising your own food is ended.

At the core of the upheaval are two contentious issues: the expanded definition of Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) and stringent water usage restrictions. These regulations have placed an undue burden on small farmers, many of whom are now facing the threat of closure due to what they view as overreaching government intervention.

The reclassification of small homesteads as CAFOs, based on broad criteria including the presence of rock or gravel pathways, has ensnared numerous family-run operations under a regulatory umbrella typically reserved for much larger, industrial-scale farms.

Forget Urban Gardens Unless You Are Under Supervision

You will not be allowed to act on your own, “careful” planning is required otherwise you consume MORE carbon with urban gardening.  From University of Michigan study:

Study finds that urban agriculture must be carefully planned to have climate benefits

A new University of Michigan-led international study finds that fruits and vegetables grown in urban farms and gardens have a carbon footprint that is, on average, six times greater than conventionally grown produce.

However, a few city-grown crops equaled or outperformed conventional agriculture under certain conditions. Tomatoes grown in the soil of open-air urban plots had a lower carbon intensity than tomatoes grown in conventional greenhouses, while the emissions difference between conventional and urban agriculture vanished for air-freighted crops like asparagus



Michigan Chief Medial Officer Dr. Natasha Bagdasarian

Raw Milk A Risk

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, under Dr. Bagdasarian’s leadership, released a “Raw Milk Risks” document to raise awareness about the potential risks of consuming unpasteurized milk products, which could transmit HPAI and other dangerous pathogens

Farm shut down for selling to own members and owners of the coop.  THIS IS NOT PUBLIC SALE OF RAW MILK.  THIS TELLS THE FARMERS WHAT THEY DO WITH THEIR PRODUCTS.

On Tuesday, May 28, 2024, Nourish Cooperative was raided by the government due to the sale of raw dairy. Over $90,000 worth of product was placed under seizure, meaning this product can not be sold, moved, or utilized whatsoever. Due to the “cease and desist”, countless orders had to be refunded and canceled, and at this time, several products under seizure will be going to waste due to the government’s hold on them. Several of Nourish Cooperative’s partner farms rely solely on Nourish as a market for their dairy products. The wellbeing and livelihood of these small family farms are in jeopardy as Nourish is currently unable to source and sell these products.

Dr. Natasha Bagdasarian has been the Chief Medical Executive for the State of Michigan since 2021, serving as a cabinet member providing overall medical guidance to the state. Prior to this role, from 2020 to 2021, she served as the Senior Public Health Physician for Michigan, overseeing the state’s COVID-19 testing strategy and bringing rapid testing to vulnerable populations.

In addition to her work in Michigan, Dr. Bagdasarian has served as a consultant and technical advisor for the World Health Organization since early 2020, providing guidance on outbreak preparedness and COVID-19. She has worked internationally in countries like Singapore and Bangladesh, and has over 50 publications on topics related to infectious diseases and public health.

Dr. Bagdasarian is board certified in internal medicine and infectious diseases by the American Board of Internal Medicine and is a fellow of the Infectious Diseases Society of America.–natasha-bagdasarian-named-chief-medical-executive–natasha-bagdasarian-named-chief-medical-executive

Natasha presided over the Michigan COVID pandemic and was responsible for the test strategy in 2021.  As an example for the preemptive propaganda to tie asserting your bodily extreme 2A spouting terrorism, media outlets ran stories about health officials being physically threatened during the lockdowns.

Michigan’s new top doctor had to consider violence against health officials before taking job

Any other outcry was considered a threat:

“There are a lot of people that are just unhappy and they will send you things, basically threatening that they’ll find you, or ‘we’re going to hold you accountable,’ or to make sure that you don’t have your job anymore.’ … Of course, there’s also a few death threats and things like that,” said Linda Vail, chief health officer for Ingham County.

As state leaders step back, local health and school officials take the heat over COVID mandates 

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