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Rumors fly about our beloved Gov Gretchen Whitmer, and not about her shiny plasticy forehead.  Does she have avarice enough to undermine Slack-jawed Joe?  Meanwhile Big Mike is seen on Democratic Primary documents like Sasquatch on the side of a milk carton.

Sasquatch On a Milk Carton

Michigan Non-Profit Is Reportedly Sending Out Voter Registration Mailings With Image of Michelle Obama

The Voter Participation Center is a left-of-center voter registration nonprofit that was founded in 2003 as Women’s Voices Women Vote, changing its name in 2011 and expanding its mission to become the Voter Participation Center. The group initially focused on registering the strongly Democratic-leaning voting bloc of single women to vote; today, the group organizes registration of numerous Democratic-leaning voting populations.

The Voter Participation Center runs a direct-mail program that targets “unmarried women, minorities and millennials” with voter registration mailings and phone calls.

Since 2004, the Voter Participation Center claims to have “signed up 2.7 million voters.” However, the group’s efforts have been criticized for being imprecise, misleading, ineffective, and potentially illegal. Moreover, the group’s ties to the Clinton family and the liberal agitation group have drawn questions about the group’s purported non-partisanship.

Does This Mean Michelle Is Being Drafted to Run? 

It’s more likely that this is just an attempt to get a buzz going and pull out the vote.  People may ask “Is Big Mike speaking at the Democrat thang?”


Darth Nessel Is A Proud Gas Guzzling Lesbian

Celebrating Pride Month, Darth took to the streets to sing.

Then she hopped a jet and partied at the White House while ignoring the funeral service of a fallen law enforcement officer killed on duty.

Nessel celebrates anniversary of federal same-sex marriage legalization at the White House

The Most Secure Elections EVV-AR!

Details are at this website:

Court Filing

President Gretch-bot

About 4,000 adult foster care facilities with fewer than 12 residents were excluded from the state’s data, or about 40% of those facilities in Michigan, as were assisted living facilities, which Definitive Healthcare estimates at 3,213, the second most in the U.S. behind California.

NDAs for Gotion

Whitmer, by Michigan law, is NOT required to answer FOIA requests, and none of the Michigan legislature has answered why the MEDC has NDA agreements signed with Gotion and the State of Michigan burying details of the CCP agreement.

Ford and and Michigan has established a relationship with a CCP entity that uses prison labor in the production of it’s products.

Products made with Uyghur forced labor are strictly prohibited from entering the United States. The Department of Homeland Security maintains a Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act Entity List to enforce the prohibition. Companies that have engaged in forced labor are placed on the list and blacklisted from the United States.

Chairman Moolenaar said, “The Select Committee has uncovered indisputable evidence that Gotion High Tech and CATL have supply chains that are deeply connected to forced labor and the ongoing genocide of Uyghurs in China. That is why the Forced Labor Enforcement Task Force must immediately add Gotion High Tech and CATL to the UFLPA Entity List and block the shipments of these companies from entering the United States. The American people expect companies in the U.S. to avoid all involvement with the Chinese Communist Party’s campaign of genocide.”

No I didn’t!

Politico accused Gretch-bot of undermining Brandon by issuing a warning that Michigan was in danger of being lost to the Deplorables.  Anonymous sources close to the matter are always the most accurate.

Whitmer, recognizing as much, disavowed the Draft Gretch chatter. She used the call to reiterate her commitment and willingness to help the president but also voiced her concern about how much more difficult the campaign would be now for Biden, I’m told by a person familiar with the call.

Even more revealing is how word of the call reached me: from someone close to a potential 2028 Whitmer rival for the Democratic presidential nomination. This person said Whitmer had phoned O’Malley Dillon with more of an unambiguous SOS: to relay that Michigan, in the wake of the debate, was no longer winnable for Biden.

But the ever dependable Detroit News cleared things up with their far superior anonymous source.

Whitmer Now Admits She Was Not In Peril From Kidnapping

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer “never personally worried” about her safety since taking office in 2019, she said in a recent interview.

Yet, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer said she worries about danger “everywhere I go” in an interview last year.

The conflicting comments are the latest example of how President Joe Biden’s campaign co-chair manipulates the narrative to her advantage, though even wildly liberal CNN is no longer taking the bait.

Just over a year ago, Whitmer discussed with Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace? an alleged plot to kidnap her from her northern Michigan vacation home, framing the case as a result of former President Donald Trump’s criticism of her handling of the pandemic.

Whitmer Killed 8,000 Additional Nursing Home Patients New Figures Indicate

“The true number is more like 14,000,” LeDuff said. “That means Whitmer buried 7,000 corpses in a statistical mass grave.”

“That makes Michigan’s nursing home deaths by far the worst in America,” he said. “More than Florida, more than California, and almost as many as New York, which is twice as big and five times denser.”

About 4,000 adult foster care facilities with fewer than 12 residents were excluded from the state’s data, or about 40% of those facilities in Michigan, as were assisted living facilities, which Definitive Healthcare estimates at 3,213, the second most in the U.S. behind California.

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services “did not obtain any data from these facilities and eliminated the COVID-19 death reporting requirement for these facilities in October 2020,” the Auditor General report read, referencing assisted living facilities. “Because these facilities are not required to be licensed, we could not identify a complete listing of them and, therefore did not include them in our review.”

The report also noted that facilities it did review had underreported deaths by nearly 30%.


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