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Michigan is the microcosm for what’s happening next, to you.  The US Dept of Energy just granted MI agencies the right to dole funds for $100 million dollar green projects.

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We have reported on the Michigan Economic Development Corporation and its role in destroying the state with green projects that drain tax dollars.  There are are series of NDA’s that mask it’s activity, and they are responsible for ushering the the CCP Gotion and CATL foreign nationals.

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MEDC has just been upgraded.

Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm, a former Michigan governor, approved “state energy financing institution” designations in May for the Michigan Economic Development Corporation and the Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy. The new status allows those agencies to use federal funding for projects that have not met certain federal requirements.

This wasn’t what was originally sold to taxpayers, though. Less than a week after the Michigan Strategic Fund approved the original $1 billion subsidy package, the Michigan Economic Development Corporation surprised state lawmakers with a request for an additional $750 million in site selection and infrastructure improvements that had not been included in the original public discussion of the deal.

The deals were negotiated using nondisclosure agreements that prevent Whitmer or other Democrats involved from discussing the details, though news reports explain how they circumvented local opposition to impose the factories on local communities.

The economic and environmental agencies would review applicants, authorize grants, and assist companies that apply for loans. The loans must be for more than $100 million, and the process of applying for one can cost millions of dollars, according to a webinar jointly hosted by the two agencies.

Granholm touted the company Mascoma, which in 2008 received $26 million from the Department of Energy and $23.5 million from Michigan to convert biomass into ethanol.

Another company, United Solar Ovonic, promised 700 Michigan jobs. In 2008, it was approved for $17.3 million in state tax credits, to be distributed over 20 years. In 2012, United Solar Ovonic filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Despite hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer-backed funding, A123 Systems, Mascoma, Energetx, United Solar Ovonic, Azure Dynamics, Evergreen Solar, and Windspire Energy have all declared bankruptcy.

This Will Drain Money From the Federal Government and Feed the Global Elite Wallets

We have reported many times that the 4th Industrial Revolution is just a plan to reinstate mercantilism, hand manufacturing over to global interests and destroy our existing industrial base.

Gov Whitmer touts partnering with the CCP, and gives credit to Biden.

Gretchen Whitmer credits Joe Biden with CCP-linked EV battery plants in Michigan
Gotion and CATL received billions in taxpayer subsidies

Fake Real Estate Crisis

We government to not only solve all our problems, we need government to create those problems so they know exactly what to solve.  While not at Climate Change or Avian Flu level yet, there is a housing crisis in Michigan and only government can solve it by ignoring the zoning that makes sense.

The only answer is to start downtown housing renewal, where it’s more expensive, you grant contracts to you donors, and you inconvenience businesses by place residents in areas that cannot support residents.

Fueled by short-term rentals, financing challenges and rising prices, the housing crunch in northern Michigan is causing developers and city officials to get creative. 

In Traverse City alone, a closed bank was turned into a house and is now for sale for $785,000. Condo development continues at the former state mental hospital, a project started years ago. 

Next, with an estimated 60,000 square feet of vacant offices in the city, conversions of some of that space may come soon.

For Traverse City, the issue is of particular concern: While Michigan’s population grew just 2% from 2010 to 2020, the city’s population has jumped 7.4% to 16,100, while Grand Traverse County has grown 10% to 95,000 residents, according to a 2023 study by Bowen National Research. 

The study predicted the city will need 1,438 new rentals and 1,819 new homes in the next five years to meet demand.

We already have $100 million allocated for housing in the state budget.  Why?  Won’t the residents obtain mortgages and those contracts be administered by the banking system?  Can’t developers locate optimal places to build houses where they can determine flow of traffic, proximity to shopping, roads to access work?

Raw Milk Wars

In Chapter 6  COVID Tools of Tyranny On The Road To Severed Conscience of our book Severed Conscience we described the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development and their tyrannical tactics during COVID.  They were responsible for the arrest of a Holland MI Pizzeria Owner 

They are now using Avian Flu as an excuse to intervene in the private transactions of co-op members and prevent the distribution of raw milk products, even if they are for pets.

A cooperative of several small southwest Michigan farms is fighting back after the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development recently seized $90,000 worth of raw dairy products.

The Whitmer administration raided Nourish Cooperative on May 28 over the sale of raw dairy products, seizing $90,000 worth of milk and butter the government deemed dangerous for human consumption.

Revenge Of The Severed Conscience

We described the alarming trend with mental health professionals calling for patients to use AI apps to assist with loneliness.  Chapter 12 Hello Caller, AI Is Listening of our book Severed Conscience was devoted to describing the emerging pattern of psychologists embracing AI as a companion because it could always be available.

This trend is now accelerating, with clinical researchers now claiming that most humans are not good at real talk.

Do We Need AI To Feel and to Have Real Experience For Its Empathy To Matter?

The two of us have studied this extensively through the lens of effort and why people choose to avoid empathy for strangers and loved ones too.  Filet mignon level human empathy might be rarer than we think. Paul suggests that people want “real talk” from their interaction partners, but why assume humans are very good at that? After all, Paul has already alerted the field that human empathy might be severely limited, something we believe is mostly the product of choices and motives.

Nonetheless, if human empathy is truly better, most people would prefer it and stop relying on AI for emotional nourishment. The problem is that, at least based on the limited experiments that exist, people feel as cared for and understood if not more when the empathy is generated by AI. And this is also the case when they know they are interacting with an AI. Perhaps human empathy is more like Soylent than we imagine. More and better empirical evidence of empathic AI is needed before rushing to judgment.

So, let’s return to Paul’s main misgiving about empathic AI, which boils down to a preference for reality:

“I think there is value in interacting with individuals with agency and empathy, even if the recipient can’t distinguish them from entities with no agency and no empathy. Genuine experiences have intrinsic value; reality is better than an illusion.”

We share Paul’s intuition here. We too think reality has intrinsic value. But, when we ask ourselves why, we find ourselves unable to explain, as if we are morally dumbfounded. Clearly reality is important in many contexts, and being out of touch with it could prove fatal, such as when believing that a road is clear of cars only to be flattened by reality. But we are unsure if empathy is a case where reality is necessarily better than an illusion.

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