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Nikki, Nikki, Nikki.  No she’s not the VP I mean.

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No More WEF-fin’ Coffee

World Economic Forum declares we need to stop drinking coffee.  In fact, it’s a War On Coffee.

Mega-Cardilos:  Mr Meat-Sweats Has Hot Feet

Trump wins New Hampshire.  One question though, how is it possible the Nikki, the Unlikable High School Guidance Counselor received 44% of the vote?

Many of the voters were NOT Republicans.

As the New Hampshire primary election occurred today, an exit poll showed that the majority of voters who cast their vote supporting former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley were not registered Republican.

According to the CNN exit poll, 70 percent of voters for Haley were registered undeclared. Twenty-seven percent were registered Republican, while 3 percent of voters were unregistered before today.

At least we can put to rest the theory that the Dems want to project Trump to the nomination because he is so vulnerable.


Holy Tweeting Morons Batman, DeSantis Is OUT

Yet Nikki Haley Remains?  Can you see a picture forming here?  When the least likely NeoCon is optimistic and has donors despite being shellacked in Iowa.


Nikki Haley or Selina Meyers?

Zee lived through what Tudor Dixon did to Michigan by being “Purple” and listening to the RINO Old Guard Blue Republicans.  That will happen if Nikki gets the nomination.  Never ignore the possibility of Black Swan events in politics.

Nikki was tormented as a kid because of her skin.

But then she claimed America was NOT racist.  She needs to decide.

Republican presidential hopeful Nikki Haley repeated her belief that “America was never a racist country” in her final plea to New Hampshire voters ahead of the state’s GOP primary on Tuesday.


Don’t worry, she has a bead on Bill Gates and medical rights.

Republicans Wanted To Buy Kari Lake Out

Great Lakes Gretch, the Next Veep

President Biden knows full well Vice President Kamala Harris is “not up to the job” of commander-in-chief — and he preferred Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer as his running mate in 2020 before caving to public pressure, according to a new book out Tuesday.

Biden chose Harris days before that year’s virtual Democratic National Convention after promising to select a woman and after pro-Harris lobbying from former President Barack Obama, veteran Washington journalist Charlie Spiering writes in his book “Amateur Hour: Kamala Harris in the White House.”

Delta Plane Loses Front Wheel

The Delta Boeing 757 was cleared for takeoff and was taxiing on the runway when one of the nose wheels came loose and rolled off the runway behind the aircraft and down an embankment, according to the audio posted online by VASAviation.

“The 75 on the runway just lost the nose tire,” a pilot, who identified themselves as being on the plane behind the Boeing 757, said over the radio.

“Thanks for that … sounds like we got a problem,” the 757 pilot responds.


SCOTUS Empowers Biden To Enforce His Border Policy

Federal power vs upholding the Constitutional duty to protect the border.  If the federal government refuses to enforces laws, the states have a duty as well.  Some say there is a silver lining as SCOTUS just validated that the federal government can override sanctuary state / sanctuary city policy.  The issue is we don’t have a strong American First culture in DC that will carry that out. 

Texas has vowed to fight.

Senate Immigration Bill

Trump allies on Capitol Hill have privately lobbied the former president to come out vocally against any Senate compromise as he rails on immigration on the campaign trail and has little appetite for giving President Joe Biden a victory on the hot-button issue.

And after Trump publicly lambasted a potential Senate deal, GOP critics and supporters of the former president were in unison: Trump’s position will make it perilous – if not impossible – for a wide-swath of Republicans to get behind any bipartisan deal. And that could have the effect of derailing the package altogether, which would include emergency aid package for Ukraine and Israel.

Democrats Deleted 100 J6 Files Prior To Republicans Taking House

Now, the Republican-led House Oversight Subcommittee investigating the Jan. 6 committee and security failures on that day, reveals that evidence was destroyed.

Sources close to Rep. Barry Loudermilk (R-GA) who’s leading the new investigation told Fox News that per House rules, the former select committee, chaired by Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-MI), was required to turn over all documents from its investigation. Thompson reportedly said he’d turn over four terabytes of archived data.

Dutch Queen Maxipads, er  Queen Maxima Agrees with Nikki at Davos We All Need Digital IDs

In fact, she believes that children should not be allowed to enroll in school unless they have a digital ID that includes their vaccination passport.

“It [digital ID] is also good for school enrollment; it is also good for health – who actually got a vaccination or not; it’s very good actually to get your subsidies from the government,” she said to a room of nodding heads.

Want to open a bank account? You must present a digital ID.

Now the Netherlands implemented a COVID certificate that was required for travel throughout the EU.

Citizens were provided yellow vaccination booklets that they were required to carry throughout the pandemic.

Mass protests erupted, but the government did not drop restrictions until 72% of the population was already injected.


The Miraculous Dominion Voting Machines

In 2017 Alex Halderman testified that the Dominion Voting Machines could be hacked, but testified that 2020 they weren’t a factor, then demonstrated in Georgia in 2024 how vulnerable they were. 

Zee has covered election security and hacking numerous times, the last OZFest Morning Mission we returned to that issue.  Show Notes are here.

Red Alert!  LA Times Fires 25% of Staff

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