Show Notes: Ruth Beder Ginsburg, Michigan Cowboys and Indians, Pronouns

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Imminent Domain was RBG’s landmark ruling in Baltimore that has allowed government to steal from some, sell to others for mere dollars.  Plus Pronouns are now being monitored on Twitter once again.

Whitmer Responds to Trump Victory, Sort of

More Illusions In Store – Michigan Now Has An Office In Taiwan

“We are sharing our story around the world and competing with other nations to bring jobs, projects, and supply chains back home to Michigan,” said Governor Whitmer. “On this economic development mission, I am excited to open the Michigan Taiwan Office and continue forging strong relationships with partners around the globe. Team Michigan stands united as we work together to build a brighter future. Through our innovative businesses and comprehensive economic development efforts, we are all working together to build something special here. As governor, I will continue to go anywhere and work with anyone to grow our economy and ensure anyone ‘make it’ in Michigan.”

Govt’s operating overseas to attract jobs back the US has rarely produced results that the private sector can.  In fact, isn’t that the reason why Michigan has outsourced fiscal responsibility to a private corporation named MEDC.  We have details in Hiding In Plain Sight.

Michigan, Land of The Lawless

In Muskegon Michigan we have real estate developers who receive millions from the state government via the Michigan Economic Development Corporation.  It’s no surprise that the MEDC has NDAs with the recipients.  It seems that local officials in Muskegon also wish to ignore the rules.  Waterfront property was sold for $2 with no reciprocal agreement in place for services in return from the developer

The city of Muskegon violated the Michigan Constitution when it tried to give away valuable property and easements for a nominal fee, Judge Kenneth S. Hoopes of the 14th Circuit Court ruled on Feb. 20. City officials also acted in bad faith and violated city code, the judge wrote. The ruling voids the city’s deal with Parkland Properties, which had said it would develop a new boat storage facility.

The judge also found fault with city officials for the way they surrendered (“vacated”) the land, a process governed by city code. According to the code, the zoning administrator must submit a petition to the planning commission, which must give public notice and hold a public hearing. If the planning commission approves the petition, it sends the petition to the city commission, which then must decide whether to grant the petition. “None of these required steps took place,” the court observed. “The extinguishments of the easements are therefore void for this reason as well as being unconstitutional.”

Same as Royal Oak, no lawsuits though.  Progress

City Officials cite economic opportunity to justify selling prime city property for $1.

“The project will generate over $200 million in economic activity, bring more than 700 new jobs, increase available parking during peak hours and produce millions in new tax revenue, all while facilitating the building of our new police station, new city hall, and a new downtown park for families to enjoy,” Fournier said.

… plans have included providing free city-owned land for one office project and selling developer Ronald Boji, who is building a six-story office tower, a slice of prime city-owned property – a parking lot bordering Third Street near Williams Street — for $1. The city is also giving him $5.5 million and a promise to build a city park and parking structure for tenants.



Filtering Over Pronouns returns to Twitter


Stacking the Deck With Justin Amash Establishment Betrayers

Amash founded the Liberty Caucus, but left after a disagreement over the impeachment of Trump.  We need to remember that Amash had factories overseas in China.  It is significant that China has been selected as the experts to resuscitate the economy in our state after people like Amash have outsourced overseas.  Amash spoke out against COVID bailouts yet received 2 million himself.

Dynamic Source International, which is owned by Justin Amash and his brothers, employs 25 and “facilitates” Michigan Industrial Tools’ business by ensuring tools they buy in China meet their quality standards and are packaged correctly, John Amash said.


Like Pelosi Says, You Have to Soften Your Stool To See What’s In This Law

Michigan Democrats and to register home schooled children, and the popular theme that they have repeated is that there are children in the state who are not getting ANY education at all.  But why can’t we see who is sponsoring a bill, don’t we get to read what is proposed, don’t citizens want public disclosure?

Polehanki said a bill calling for homeschool registration is “probably” going to be introduced, and she is “probably” going to give it a hearing, but she didn’t want to identify the lawmaker introducing it, saying it is not her place to do so.

“Someone is already introducing it. I can’t say who,” Polehanki said. “If they knew my head and mind, they would have nothing to worry about. I don’t see this going beyond registration.”

Polehanki is a former teacher and chairs the Senate Education Committee.

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