Show Notes: Haitian Days

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They don’t come from the land of the ice and snow and BBQ isn’t a menu item, he’s something from the Walking Dead.  Where the Clinton Foundation reigns you don’t get Happy Days and Fonzi

Is Channeling Idi Amin or The Duke

The gang leader’s influence in the capital is so large that many view him as the man who will take the reins as Henry’s administration struggles to maintain order.

“Unfortunately, Barbecue is now the most powerful man in Haiti,” Judes Jonathas, an independent consultant based in Port-au-Prince, told the Guardian.


So when Hillary asks you to pass the Gates at the next Clinton Foundation Clinic, run!

18 oz BBQ Sauce - Case of 12 | Gates Bar-B-Q

Outsource Your Thinking And Planes Fall Out Of The Sky

Monday’s incident is the latest in a string of mishaps suffered onboard a Boeing aircraft.

On March 4, a Boeing 737 was forced to make an emergency landing in Texas just minutes into its flight after flames exploded from one of its jet engines.

A shocking video from the ordeal showed flames spewing from the engine, appearing to get so hot that they appeared almost white against the night sky.

The plane was only “approximately 15 minutes” into the two-hour trip to Fort Myers, Florida, when the incident occurred. No one was injured in the terrifying ordeal.

Lawyers for a Boeing whistleblower found dead on the day he was due to testify against the jetliner giant are questioning that he killed himself in a South Carolina parking lot — and calling for an investigation.

“We need more information about what happened to John,” attorneys Robert Turkewitz and Brian Knowles, who represent former Boeing manager John Barnett, said in a statement Tuesday. “The Charleston police need to investigate this fully and accurately and tell the public.

Federal Aviation Administration inspectors found that Boeing failed 33 out of 89 product audits — a review of specific aspects in the production line — with a total of 97 counts of alleged noncompliance.

Spirit AeroSystems, which makes the body of the 737 Max jets, failed seven out of 13 product audits. One of its noted failures had to do with the installation of the aircraft’s door plug.

It’s Not His, It’s Hur’s

Election Fraud

Election Fraud is the single largest obstacle preventing a peaceful resolution to dissolution of our Republic.  We’re not a democracy, our inception was something far superior, a system of representation where the rights of the minority are always preserved.

Sheriff Dar Leaf from Bary County, has filed and affidavit confirming what Zee has relayed regarding the SoS Audit report by J Alex Halderman.  That report did NOT deny that the computer network which contained the data for votes was WIDE open. In addition, Sheriff Leaf claims to have emails that confirm that the auditor Halderman worked with Dominion and with Serbian nationals prior to campaign.

O and Zee have covered this extensively.

Stacking the Ballot


John and Zee did their very first podcast describing the 2000 Mule Scenario, and the network security was a primary component of that discussion.

2000 Indictments

No Such Thing As Infection Diseases Brought In By Movements of Population

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