Show Notes: Fancy New Laws, Fancy New Voters

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One of the most important factor maintaining freedom in 2024 is rooting out election fraud. More election fraud developments and a pending law that will felons out of the poll watchers. Just for asking questions.

Fancy New Law:  Michigan Law Will Prohibit Election Fraud Requests


Why this is NOT an audit, it is a recount of the same fraudulent votes cast.


If a board of canvassers conducting a recount pursuant to this chapter intends to conduct a recount on a computer, an electronic voting system, the board of canvassers shall must first test the software application by use of a test deck to determine if the program accurately counts the votes for the office or ballot question subject to the recount. If the test under this subsection fails to show that the software application accurately counts the votes for the office or ballot question subject to the recount, the board of canvassers shall must use another means prescribed in subsection (4) to conduct the recount.

Here is the Michigan Senate version of the bill:



Fancy New Voters – Michigan Has 200,000 Extra Voters

Michigan has 200,000 more registered voters than residents eligible to vote.

This is why the Republicans should not court wine mom’s and worry about being popular.  The figures shown need to be thoroughly investigated.  If they are wrong, then we should be assured that we have kept things in check.


Biden Administration and DoJ Ignoring NGO Fraud

During the 2020 election, for example, the Voter Participation Center solicited millions of ballot applications in swing states – many of them prefilled for respondents. This nonprofit, like its peers, is clear that it isn’t targeting just any voters, but what it and progressive activists have dubbed a “New American Majority” of “young people, people of color and unmarried women.”

Tom Lopach, a longtime Democratic Party operative and the center’s president and CEO, told RCI in a statement: “We do the work that state election officials typically do not do – seeking out underrepresented voting-eligible Americans Tom Lopach … This is difficult but necessary work that brings democracy to eligible Americans’ doorsteps.”

In March 2021, President Biden introduced Executive Order 14019. The directive on “promoting access to voting” orders every federal agency, more than 600 in all, to register and mobilize voters – particularly “people of color” and others the White House says face “challenges to exercise their fundamental right to vote.” It further directs the agencies to collaborate with ostensibly nonpartisan nonprofits in pursuit of its goals.

We have previously relayed how Michigan SoS has brought democracy to doorsteps with her voting efforts, and Michigan can vote for up to 14 days.

Morning Mission:  Democracy Continues

Next Michigan Governor and Information Safety First



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